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Capital city?

HeracliusHeraclius mmorpg landMember Posts: 71


Just wondering where all players are hanging around these times?

I just started playing again on Snowbourn (most populated ex-EU server), but Bree is mostly empty, so just wondering what the new capital city is.


  • kevjardskevjards carlisleMember Posts: 1,452 Uncommon

    would have thought galtrev is where most hang out..well thats the place on our server.

  • Skooma2Skooma2 Glenview, ILMember Posts: 693 Uncommon

    Galtrev is the new 21st Hall.

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  • leojreimrocleojreimroc Toronto, ONMember Posts: 371 Uncommon

    I think it depends on your server.  I play on Landroval and Bree is always very well populated (RPers).  Galtrev is usually packed too though.

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