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Tera EU beta [Giveaway]

RodgeVRodgeV StaffanstorpMember Posts: 35 Uncommon

Well, hello everyone. I'm giving away more keys for Tera online EU this very day since I succesfully obtained about 10-20 beta keys (I haven't really counted them).

I'll be giving them away to those which I deem worthy and by that I mean it's random chance since I'll be using for all of you.


Also to prove that I am infact legit I'm handing out all of these keys beneath this message under the method of "First come first served".

Update; You can reach me through my email if you want a quick response. The captcha-system is quite the annoyance when sending high-amounts of letters.


I wish you all happy gaming next week for those lucky few who succesfully obtains a key.







  • xenogiasxenogias warsaw, INMember Posts: 1,926

    Seems someone has already gotten it and didnt bother to thank you. I'll say thanks for sharing them. Even if I dont get one.

  • Stealthman06Stealthman06 KlgfMember Posts: 35 Uncommon

    Thank you !

    MMORPG Forums: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

  • WagrumWagrum OakleighMember Posts: 56

    It's a shame they're already used.


    Thanks for sharing anyways :)

  • virrevirre UppsalaMember Posts: 68

    Very nice indeed! I would love one!

  • gombasgombas stockholmMember Posts: 3

    Thanks for sharing those, would love one :)

  • DilweedDilweed EindhovenMember Posts: 222

    I would love one too, thanks for sharing :)

  • DilweedDilweed EindhovenMember Posts: 222

    I received the key, thanks again :)

  • asder00asder00 FirenzeMember Posts: 1


    If I could get one I will be a very happy man! :)

    Thank you.

  • RustyRusty BacauMember Posts: 5 Uncommon

    Got it. Thank you vrm!

  • WagrumWagrum OakleighMember Posts: 56

    Got mine.. Thank you! <3

  • martieboymartieboy The HagueMember Posts: 15 Common

    I would love one of dem Keys!

  • AvatarBladeAvatarBlade BucurestiMember Posts: 757 Uncommon

    Would like a key also. Thanks.

  • pengeepengee Redmond, WAMember Posts: 1

    I love one if you still have any left. If not, thanks anways :)

  • CatulusCatulus StocksfieldMember Posts: 16 Uncommon

    If there's any left would like one. Thank you.

  • EverSkellyEverSkelly AlytusMember Posts: 335 Uncommon

    would love to get  a key as well..

  • grapevinegrapevine PeterboroughMember Posts: 1,927 Uncommon

    Same here, please.  Assuming any are left.

  • DarkroshDarkrosh Baie-Comeau, QCMember Posts: 4

    I would love to get one too please.  :D

  • stormmindstormmind KatowiceMember Posts: 3

    Hello, I would like to be a part of Tera EU too, pls send me a key so I can see this game live. Thanks

  • PsyMike3dPsyMike3d AthensMember Posts: 388 Uncommon

    i would love to participate, thanks for sharing these keys... i hope i'll be lucky to get a key :)


  • DiSpLiFFDiSpLiFF Toronto, ONMember Posts: 605

    So give it up smooth, ain't no telling when i'm down for a jack move. 

  • Cassan0vaCassan0va HelsingborgMember Posts: 66

    Gief one:P

  • IlgauskasIlgauskas Lineage II Correspondent KlaipedaMember Posts: 58

    I'd like to get the key too.


    Thanks in advance,



  • getotarikatagetotarikata sofiaMember Posts: 5

    PLS give me one !!!  I want to try Tera so much ! Last time i was second in the drawing (so unlucky) :/

  • hpzoleehpzolee NyMember Posts: 13 Uncommon

    Would like to get a key! Would apreciate it.

  • LoboMauLoboMau Marinha GrandeMember Posts: 396 Uncommon

    hello! It would great if u could give me a Beta Key for this game. Im intrigued by him. Good Critics in one side, Very Bad critics in another side. Nothing like experiment the Real thing. Thanks

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