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Prologue. Late last year I thought, write a post in this forum. I wrote and wrote, but then came the realization that the game's devs is not particularly interested (as i remember the minimal compassion in .com forum). And deleted the writing.

Since I have not played the game for much longer anyway, and came in addition to some of the alternatives, then the thing sank into oblivion.

But. Apparently something happened to the game masters, and they began actively sending letters and advertisements.

Long ago, I thought it would be good if almost all ww2 enthusiasts collected in one game, it would be a great game. But time has shown otherwise. The lack of any alternative is bad for the players. Therefore it would be also bad if the alternatives lost such competitor as WWIIOL, imho.

Therefore, I decided to write something again, though as compressed.

This theme would be good if everyone who ever took part in the game, try to give THEIR concentrated recommendations for game' devs (as the last hope). :)

Well, and if you wish, you also give explanations to. The main thing that in this topic has not been disputes between us. It's just YOUR  recommendations for GAME's makers and YOUR view. Disputes was quite a lot in other topics.


1. Open almost whole forum to view for all interested. OT may not be viewable, because it don't give taste of game. All other forums are really needed to interest potential players.

2. Subscription' cost, plans etc . Really, are you joking? Those prices are rediculous. Let the basic price lower than 12 dollars.

Also don't do this childish bound-game with pricing plans. Logically you can even more lowering price for long-term players, but this is other theme.

3. Make automatic missions for F2P rifelmen and allow free-riflemen able to spawn only with rifle and also as truck driver (in rear).  This add new layer for game - extra supply  between rear and front. Not very big layer, comparing with previous years, but at least something.

4. Make AT and AA guns as one "vehicle" with trucks. When AT and AA player would be able to spawn with symbiosis by gun and truck. I know, why you haven't made it earlier, but believe me, you have lost more.

 Later make for light AT/AA guns number of members of team at least 4. And for heavy guns at least 6 members.

Then player spawn with light AT/AA gun + truck and have 4 position (which need to be interchanged) and 1 position as truck driver. Of course, the player can them disconnect and connect it again together (until they is in working order).

 Ok, there is even more suggestions, but they come after.

5. Now (after previous changes) you can remove this magical FRU, or to make it more "realistic" (there is some tricks but again, this come after) . Since the AT gunners can now easier to carry also troops on the battlefield.

PS. I understand that people, who play current game know better about its actual status. And some sentences may be even too old. But even tho.

Make your suggestions just for devs.

And remember all of the time of their testimony that they have a small team and limited resources.


  • TontomanTontoman Toronto, ONPosts: 196Member

    Hehe, yeah I remember WAY back asking for self towed AAA and ATGs.   AAA/ATG were what kept me in the game at the end, once MSP and inf ending up being a zerg lag fest.  Big mistake, WWIIOL inf combat with bug lag, combat graphics, cap mechanics was never suited to close combat.  Having CPs besides depots and then adding MSP to counter the capping issues created just made the weakness of WWIIOL 95% of the inf combat.   Futher away rifle gameplay hid lots of the weaknesses.

    But AAA/ATG realistic gameplay remained unique in WWIIOL, even games like Red Orchestra didn't have it.  But there was no way I was going to pay $15/month for that, especially if I was going to have to spend 20min pushing the damn thing because no one towed anymore as they were all playing inf zerglings, that and the squads dying out.  Add to that with the MSP rush, hard to get any ATG combat in anymore.  

  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member

    This is what was needed and what CRS should have been looking to do and use to save their game instead of begging for money like they are now.  Sad really.

  • StugStug Coffee County, TNPosts: 387Member Uncommon

    Since when was kickstarter begging?


    Sounds like your a sad hatr, Axishatr :)

  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member
    Asking for money for RA and then asking the playerbase to support RA and charging the highest sub costs anywhere and then when that didn't work to make the game survive (terrible low sub numbers) they start a "kickstarter" program where they want everyone that has already gave tons of money to now go to another site and pledge more....
    thats begging.
  • StugStug Coffee County, TNPosts: 387Member Uncommon

    I still don't think thats begging.

    And numbers...sad numbers? My squad had good numbers when the map was painted Axis last map.


    Your'e banned, aren't you? So how can you comment comment on what is going on in game at the moment?

    You said that you got banned because someone was spottin for your 88 fire?

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    What they need is a graphics overhall.. a new engine would probalyl be best.. last time i played this was about 4 years ago and it look very outdated back then...


    I would love to play this again but with a modern up to date engine..

  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member

    If numbers weren't low we wouldn't be begging for money.


    If numbers weren't low CRS would not have said the numbers were very low.


    I know exactly what is going on in game.  Along with what is in the forums and how the buzz is kickstarter, new frag layouts, repairable fb's, paras and you, wwiiol on steam and the like.


    I support the old style game by being a multi subscriber but those accounts are soon to end with CRS using money I paid for WWIIOL and wasting it on a secretive development of another game without telling anyone while the game that I and many many others loved died.


    Thats the facts.


    They took builder money and subscriptions and ignored a mad player base that demanded bugs and glitches be fixed.....some of that money was derived from mailings asking and begging people to return to game to bring cash in to be used to fix these bugs....and in reality it was used to develope RA crap....


    Meanwhile those that logged back in and paid still lived with bugs, crashes, and glitches.


    Nice job CRS.   FAIL.


    Now, they want MORE MONEY to F up another project.


    Kickstarter FAIL.


    WWIIOL Fail.


    Its sad but its for the best.

  • StugStug Coffee County, TNPosts: 387Member Uncommon

    Mr Hatr, tell me about how you were banned again?


    Banned players having ago at a game...biased much?

  • SartoriussSartoriuss TallinnPosts: 29Member

    OK, seems game is in trouble. At least players number isn't growing (though i think f2p was good idea, though not rightly implemented).
    But CRS needs money. And not a little money. Maybe i am wrong, but RA was in my view a very bad place to invest. Hmm, OK, maybe someone will there to play.

    But i suggest other thing. You have probably already seen Arma2 mod DayZ (or hear about it). Also on market is already some similar games. But they lack of Scale.

    If you read up to this place, probably already guess, about what I talk.

    Yes. I talk about possibility of a separate server in some sort of post-apocalyptic Europe (some sort of zombie disease or similar horror). Almost same map like in WWIIOL, but most of buildings in ruins. Also only light weapons - rifles, pistols, knives. Maybe also some rare trucks.  All fighting against all (or smarter of them form some gangs, manage its base and conquer other territories for supply). Need to remove big icons and instead it replace by something small, what is visible very close. And replace military uniform on three or four "civilian" skin. Later maybe add more variety. And with some sort of payment by month.Not so huge that nobody plays, but sufficient to pay back the server and development and even that would get something on main project - WWIIOL.

    To make this as whole separate project, is very risky. However you have already some opportunities, then why not use them? But time is money, don't think too long..  :)

  • rendusrendus smyrna, TNPosts: 327Member
    By the time CRS releases a zombie server, zombie games won't be popular anymore. Sort of like releasing a D Day map in 2012.
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