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Any place for the RP community?

ompgamingompgaming Hometown, IAPosts: 187Member Uncommon

I use to play on wicanna and although it was the center for the PvE RP community there wasn't much of a place to coordinate or meet other RPers outside of the game.  

Anyone know if there is currently such a series of forums or message boards where the RP community of AoC communicate?


Above all else... never ever piss off the penguin.


  • BeanpuieBeanpuie Norfolk, VAPosts: 812Member Uncommon

    compared to 2 years ago and now? Not so much, if not No.

    any visible RP that was there in AOC is either gone and moved on to other games or so tightly shut off from the rest of the server that it would be considered non-existant except for a handful of guilds that just mainly hang around khemi.

    Empire of Stygia


    Sahada Berjara.

    those are the only ones i can only remember, if they are still around that is. good luck.


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