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Does anyone know about this band?

echianechian CarthagoMember Posts: 2

Hi there, I' don't know if you know about this new group. They are called "Epic Soul Factory" and make epic music for videogames, trailers, etc. like Two Steps or other epic music bands.

I knew about them with this album posted on Jamendo:

Then, I've searched more about them, and I've found 2 more albums:

Xpansion Package (for free):

Epic Soul Factory - Vol.2 on iTunes, but they have some trailers on internet,

Just want you to know about them. It's legal epic music for free LOL!!


PD: I want a DOTA 2 Key so bad!! :'(



  • echianechian CarthagoMember Posts: 2

    0 comment?? no one like this?? Comment something please, what do you think about them :)

    I think that some of their songs would be good for mmorpgs :D

  • DonevDonev Homeville, ARMember Posts: 143

    Well, I think it's terrible if that's any consolation. 

    It sounds like you took abunch of very generic movie music that is designed to eliminate dead air and poorly added a beat, that doesn't match the music what-so-ever over top. 

    If that.

    It's bad. Very bad. 

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