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Does anyone know about this band?

echianechian CarthagoPosts: 2Member

Hi there, I' don't know if you know about this new group. They are called "Epic Soul Factory" and make epic music for videogames, trailers, etc. like Two Steps or other epic music bands.

I knew about them with this album posted on Jamendo:

Then, I've searched more about them, and I've found 2 more albums:

Xpansion Package (for free):

Epic Soul Factory - Vol.2 on iTunes, but they have some trailers on internet,

Just want you to know about them. It's legal epic music for free LOL!!


PD: I want a DOTA 2 Key so bad!! :'(



  • echianechian CarthagoPosts: 2Member

    0 comment?? no one like this?? Comment something please, what do you think about them :)

    I think that some of their songs would be good for mmorpgs :D

  • DonevDonev Homeville, ARPosts: 143Member

    Well, I think it's terrible if that's any consolation. 

    It sounds like you took abunch of very generic movie music that is designed to eliminate dead air and poorly added a beat, that doesn't match the music what-so-ever over top. 

    If that.

    It's bad. Very bad. 

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