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CLass idea

jack408jack408 campecheMember Posts: 2

Training phase (from level 10 to 15)*

- Knight

- Archer

- Mage

- Rogue

*10 levels to experience with the basic skills of the 4 classes untill you choose.



4 tiers:

- Basic (level 15 to 40)

- Professional (level 40 to 85)

- Superior (85 to 135)

- Master Class (level 160)* 


*Level space assigned to level up and prepare for the Master Class test at level 160.  Top level 200

3 disciplines per class



Fighter discipline:  Fighter - Champion - Noble

The Fighter has this title due its desire to become recognized in battle

The Champion is the recognized version of the fighter, but he seeks to be respected

The Noble is the dream that came true of the initial fighter


Paladin discipline: Watcher - Sentinel - Paladin

The Watcher is what its title says, protector of the weak

The Sentinel has more value than a soldier because of his duty serving the crown

The Paladin is the crusader, the chosen by the crown to be in battle and fight at the name of them.


Soldier discipline: Recruit - Soldier - Captain

The Recruit is the testing Soldier who needs more discipline.

The Sodier is the common title that means that he is prepared for normal battlefields.

The Captain its the unquestionable leader of the army that has experienced war in his entire life.

Master Class: Royal Guardian



Hunter discipline: Tracker - Hunter - Scavenger

The Tracker looks for prey, not to kill his prey.

The Hunter is specialized on killing beast and other objectives.

The Scavenger is the ultimate surviver in the land of the mother nature.


Explorer discipline: Explorer - Scout - Recon

The Explorer only knows where he is, not its story.

The Scout visualise its land and know almost everything of it.

The recon is the messenger from enemy lines, he knows where the enemy is and how to kill it.


Sniper discipline: Marksman - Longshot - Sniper

The marksamn have to mark the objective befare releasing the arrow to kill it.

The Longshot is the hawkeye of the army and the one designed to view every move before the enemy moves.

The Sniper is the one-shot-kill that can see through almost everything, and not being noticed or even mentioned.

Master Class: Elite Ranger



Shaman discipline: Shaman - Ritualist - Summoner

The Shaman is the apprentice of basic magic arts.

The Ritualist knows how to creat potions, spells and taming creatures to fight for them

The Summoner is the final step of magic arts, he almost have no need to attack, he only summons and everything is done.


Druid discipline: Acolyte - Druid - Warden

The Acolyte is the gruardian of the light, dedicated in the study of the sacred blessings

The Druid is the magical medic fo the communion thus he know expert ofensive spells to protect and kill

The Warden is the exhalted one, choosen by the Gods to bring light in the darkness, punishing the evil and healing the weak.


Stormcaller discipline: Windwaker - Firebreather - Stormcaller

The Windwaker is the first of four elements studies.

The Firebreather has to be sharpened in knowledge of two elements

The Stormcaller its the master of the elements by default, but it doesnt mean that he cant fussion them.

Master Class: High Sorcerer



Assassin discipline: Marauder - Assassin - Reaper

The Marauder looks for simple objectives that has high value.

The Assassin by default has experience dealing with objetive stronger than them.

The Reaper can kill you while you are screaming, stab you while you still breath, but no one will hear you.


Outlaw discipline: Foreign - Hermit - Outlaw

The Foiregin is a lonely wolf, he seeks for inoccents

The Hermit is unkwnown by the society, but he knows everyone around him

The Outlaw can have no respect abut the authority, he only thinks about his own life, not yours.


Thief discipline: Thief - Bandit - Raider

The Thief is a vagabond who like taking owned possesions.

THe Bandit knows whats in your pocket since you are at home.

The Raider will make everything to take that your most precius possesion, even from your death cold hands.

Master Class: Chief Mercenary


*No matter what discipline you choose, you will get the same Master Class skills as the other disciplines of that class.

* The display name of the character will be like this:

Rykon : Traker Archer - Hunter Archer - Scavenger Archer

Akron: Shaman Mage - Ritualist Mage - Summoner Mage



Once you get the Master Class, the format will be this:

Rykon: Elite Ranger (No longer the Archer title)

Akron: High Sorcerer (No  longer the Mage title)


  • AdamantineAdamantine NowhereMember Posts: 3,880 Uncommon

    So to summarize:

    Level 1-10: Adventurer

    Level 10-15: Choose one out of Warrior, Ranger, Rogue and Wizard (no Cleric)

    Level 15-135:

    - Warrior turns into Noble, Paladin, or Captain

    - Ranger turns into Hunter, Scout, or Sniper

    - Rogue turns into Assassin, Outlaw, or Thief

    - Wizard turns into Shaman, Druid, or Elementarist

    - There is some useless naming magic going on, apparently just to confuse the players

    Level 135+:

    - All Warrior turn into "Royal Guardian"

    - All Ranger turn into "Elite Ranger"

    - All Rogue turn into "Chief Mercenary" (why not the good old "Masterthief" ?)

    - All Wizard turn into "High Sorcerer" (why not the good old  "Archmage" ?)

    - All these characters get the same skills and the previous differences get lost.

    In the sum, thats Lineage 2. Only much less classes.


  • jack408jack408 campecheMember Posts: 2

    And simple, I also had the idea of hybrid classes but with restriction, nothing as runes of magic, but  limited skills for the second class of your choice

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