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Conquer Online: The Conquer Online iPad Review

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Conquer Online is one of the first 'traditional' MMOs to make the leap from PC to iPad. In our latest review, we take a look at the iPad version of Conquer Online to see how it measures up and how well it made the transition. Read on and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Conquer Online by TQ Digital Entertainment is an Asian F2P MMO that was released in 2004 and exhibits many of the typical features such as steeds, in-game marriage, PvP and purchases of potions – health, mana, XP, buffs as well as basic crafting components and additional bank and inventory space. There isn’t a background storyline but a setting – ancient China as evidenced by the buildings, but there are also green-skinned orcs. There is also a form of “automatic play” in Conquer Online in the automatic pathing as well as in-game training that I shall elaborate on. And now it’s ported to the iPad, and works amazingly well.

Read more of Carolyn Koh's The Conquer Online iPad Review.



  • IkedaIkeda Largo, FLPosts: 2,539Member Uncommon

    Couple of details that could assist in this review:

    1)  You state iPad.  Did you test the game on iPad 1 or iPad 2 or both?

    2)  You briefly mention auto-attack PvP but don't say how the PvP works.  Is it full loot?  No loot?  FFA?  Faction on Faction? What?

    3) How's grouping work with the difficulty of typing?  You find it easy to find groups, guilds, etc?  Is there content enough to support it?

    4)  How's the grind? It's F2P...

    5)  After re-reading this, is Conquer Online for the iPad a SEPARATE world from the computer version?  Can you take your computer version and play on the iPad?


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,376Member Epic

    This is awfully close to Ikeda's question #5, but I'll ask anyway:

    Do players on the iPad version only compete against other players with iPads?  Or is it the same game world as the PC version?

    Also, is the game basically just an iOS port of the Windows game, or did they do some custom stuff to accommodate tablets?  For example, did they redesign a lot of controls to make it more tablet friendly, or is it merely, you touch the screen to "mouse click" on things?

    If it's the same game world as the PC version, and there isn't a major UI redesign to accommodate tablets, then you could have already played it on a tablet before the iPad version.  You'd merely have needed the right tablet:

    That's a lot more powerful than an iPad, and way over the recommended (not minimum!) system requirements for the PC version of the game.

    Actually, you could play a lot of the games on this site on that tablet.  MMORPG tablet gaming is set to take a huge step forward about a year from now, with Windows 8 on AMD Tamesh-based tablets.

  • OziiusOziius Baltimore, MDPosts: 1,398Member Uncommon
    This version appears to be iPad only and not the same as the pc version. Everyone I spoke with in game are also playing on iPads. Not pc tablets, iPads. Just an fyi.
  • Sh0ckwavezSh0ckwavez berlinPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Ikeda

    Couple of details that could assist in this review:

    2)  You briefly mention auto-attack PvP but don't say how the PvP works.  Is it full loot?  No loot?  FFA?  Faction on Faction? What?
    4)  How's the grind? It's F2P...

    I never played the IPAD version only the PC one.

    2)There are weekly tournaments which give out rewards, however you need good items in order to win anything there, because only the top8 get them.

    Most tournaments are for teams, 2 tournaments are for guilds.

    There is also a guild war every week and the guild that wins it gets the reward, everyone else gets nothing.

    There is no loot for any other kind of pvp, unless you manage to kill a pker.

    4.) The game used to be grinding to lvl, but nowadays its very easy to get to a decent level.

    As you said the game is f2p and they slowly shifted the grind from leveling to getting better items.

    Nowadays it is pretty much impossible to get max items without paying money. And im talking about lots of money. If you want the best equipments then you have to spend 2000-3000 $. Therefore the game is more pay-to-win than any other f2p game that I know

    Even if you spend few hundreds $ on it as a start then you will need years to get max items, because they removed almost every way to earn money ingame beside tournaments, so that you are forced to pay $ to advance.

    The gameplay also makes it impossible to compete with someone that has max gears even if you just got slightly worse items.



  • brett2009brett2009 BERRIEDALEPosts: 1Member

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  • DeathDRHDeathDRH Saint Paul, MNPosts: 1Member

    Conquer Online is a TQ game that use to be a solid game. But now it is over run by bots. The markets are messed up due to the amount of botters. It will take you up to 2 hour to complete a  15 min quest due to the amount of bots that kill steal every 30 seconds. 

    TQ is NOT dealing with the issue and is trying to have the customer base do their job....It is pointless to even think about this game as an option. As most Game companies seem to forget the customer base and only look at $$ this company is follow in those foot prints. If a player was to make a video everytime he saw a bot he would run out of space on his HD and not even film 1/16 of the botters. 

    Do NOT even mess with this game at ALL!! Best advise I can give you. We play games to get away from stress not log into it.

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