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Good Enough?

SwankyBoySwankyBoy Posts: 233Member Uncommon

Looks good enough to give it a go

Anyone think the same?




  • RedKatanaRedKatana Philadelphia, PAPosts: 211Member

    I just checked it on youtube and looks like it is Karos Online with a new name.

  • FennyarielFennyariel Charlevoix, MIPosts: 24Member
    Oh gee and if you actually go to the site it even says The Return of KAROS! ;v)


  • HarbourlightHarbourlight HannoverPosts: 8Member Common

    I downloaded and removed ROSH Online a couple of times because I couln't decide about the game. Now I leave it just there (on my notebook) because I like a relaxed grinding now and than.... and not much more is expected of me in this game. Towns are boring (like in a lot of asia-grinders with the NPCs standing in front of the houses - not in them) but fairly populated. The landscapes are quite well done and so are the characters and mobs and fighting-animations. The UI is spartanic and easy to use, the background music nice and unobstrusive. 

    Give ROSH Online a go if You are looking for a B-game ;-)

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