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Why do so many MMO use the Gamebryo engine?

YinmayYinmay Washington, DCMember Posts: 2

Is there any particular reason why several MMO developers choose to rely on the Gamebryo engine?

I have yet to see a successful implementation of it. WAR and soon SWTOR are excellent games under most other aspects, except game performance and optimization in large fights. One possible exception is Rift --and even there performance in large scale battles leaves a lot to be desired at high quality settings.

In my experience, it has poor texture loading (aka "popping"), i/o bottlenecks, abysmal multicore support, etc.

Historically, the most successful MMOs: Ultima Online, Asheron's Call 1, EverQuest 1, Lineage 1, World of Warcraft didn't use Gamebryo. Is this a coincidence?

DAoC, although very successful in its time, had stark performance issues in RvR and especially relic battles, despite sub-par graphical quality. Developers often used the "gear will catch up" excuse. But several years later, we still encounter issues in WAR and DAoC, while AC1 or WoW run amazingly well on say a Radeon 6850.


  • AldersAlders Jack Burton'sMember Posts: 2,095 Uncommon

    TOR doesn't use it.

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAMember Posts: 14,247 Rare

    Great technical support, solid engine and a decent trach record dating back to DAoC (NetImmerse) would be my guess.

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    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • WorstluckWorstluck the valley, CAMember Posts: 1,269

    Yeah TOR uses the Hero Engine, different the Gamebryo.


    Also, those games you listed were created before the Gamebryo engine we know today was around (except for DAoC, which used an early version of Gamebryo).  Those companies also all had the resources to make their own game engines.  I am not a fan of it either to be honest, games that use it never seem to perform very well on any computer I own.  Not too mention pretty much every game that uses seems to either have problems with alt-tabbing or CTD's.  I think that Trion did the best with it so far, as far as MMO's go. 


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