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Terribly unbalanced and lack of polish this close too release.

MarkusanMarkusan UmePosts: 92Member

The game is severly unbalanced as many classes are gimp. And it is less than one month to release. 

Stay away or stick to classes that are known to work out in PvP.. Read forums to find out what classes are popular. Try the open beta while it is free and try as many classes as possible. 


I would never put a dime into this game unless it gets polished and classes are completely rebalanced.



  • xSaintxxSaintx Albuquerque, NMPosts: 75Member

    Since when are classes ever balanced? Unless all classes are the same, it's highly unlikely true balance will ever happen. With that being said, I played in Open Beta and didn't run into ANY game breaking bugs. The only bugs I reported were things like things being in French instead of English for an English server. All the inventive ideas are really interesting, government, ecosystem, economy and battle tactics. Though I don't typically like anime or that art style in games and I wish it was a darker setting, I'm digging it so far. It's got promise.


  • crazynannycrazynanny PopowoPosts: 173Member
    Game needs some polishing and balancing for sure, but it doesn't have any major bugs, everything works fine at least till lvl 30 I got. Game is quite unique and well worth 6 euros to check it out for a month, not to mention You can still try it out for free till Feb 29th.

    Whining about unbalanced classes cause You got Your butt kicked in PvP is old as Internet.
  • RaxeonRaxeon cedar falls, IAPosts: 2,153Member Uncommon

    why people dont realize no mmo is going to be perfect at release geeses i can understand if the game was techf lawed like mo is and every patch broke every lil thing

  • inalizinaliz minneapolis, MNPosts: 43Member Uncommon

    Noone is saying that most games are completely balanced at release. I have tested many many games and this game has the most unbalanced and broken character spells, stats and well...a lot more issues then any game I have ever tested this close to release. It's really discouraging because the game could be so good. Let's just hope they fix these things or at least try to before release. I would definitely recommend this game even with all the issues, it's just that great.

  • ElmorenElmoren Warhammer Online Correspondent Denville, NJPosts: 109Member Uncommon

    Every class has a 'hook' or 'build' if you prefer, some even have two (or even three).  They aren't hard to figure out if you're looking to PVP.  If you stray from the synergy of a class' abilities and try to throw random things together, you will ( and SHOULD ) fail miserably at whatever you're trying to accomplish.

    With the exception of one class, everything in this game has a viable build.  It may not fit the role you like (Your healer can not solo other classes, and its not supposed to), but they all have a place in a PVP scenario.

    Likewise for PVE, solo and group play. 


    Don't be upset because your build didn't work out.  Try something new, or ask someone who seems to be doing it right (the forms work as well).  But don't come crying that the game is unbalanced.  These are role based classes with few true hybrid 'builds' - and thats exactly how they intended it.

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