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Acolytes Online Gaming First!

RedruumRedruum Aurora, ILPosts: 306Member Uncommon

Acolytes Online Gaming First  - 2/2/2012

The activity of online gaming has sky rocketed over the years and is starting to become more main stream then it ever has in the past. With the influx of online players also increases the amount of communities, guilds and clans for all of these new games. We are one of those communities. We have been around for many many years and have been lucky enough to continue to grow over the years with quality members. What we feel sets us apart from others out there is that we do not dictate what our members play and we try our hardest to maintain a presence in the games our members enjoy. Those that have ever tried to run a guild or community knows the challenges to keep it a float in one game, let alone three at the same time and for years. The reason why we are able to do it is due to our solid and committed leadership along with the nothing short of stellar member base. Our members enjoy the camaraderie and take pride in being part of our community.

We strive to not only be the best players we can in our games, but we also like to give back to the outside world via charities. We have contributed to many charities over the years. Our charity this past year was for Child's Play and was extremely successful for a good cause.

The reason for this thread is that our Acolytes community is always looking for new ways to push ourselves to new heights. We wanted to start the 2012 year with a bang. We figured a good way to do that is to attempt something that has never been done in the world of online gaming! On Thursday 2/2/2012, we are going to stream LIVE, our raids from three different MMO's on the same night. We will be streaming from our channels on that night for the games Age of Conan, Rift, and Star Wars the Old Republic.

Please feel free to open a few more tabs in your browser this Thursday night to watch some Acolyte online gaming history. Our branches are located at the channels below for

Age of Conan - Will start roughly around 9pm EST

Rift - Will start roughly around 8pm EST

Star Wars the Old Republic - Will start roughly around 8:30pm EST


As gamers it is our duty to push online gaming to new heights. Please feel free to put forth any comments, feedback, suggestions, etc in this thread and I will respond appropriately.

Our foundation is built on pushing the limits of PVP and PVE in the games we take part in. You can keep track of us at the following social media sites. See you all in game!



YouTube Channel


Overlord of the Acolytes Community

Vae Victus Totus Palma Ut Acolytes (Woe to the conquered, all glory to the Acolytes)

Any media or press relations please contact Hieru aka "John" on our forums or at


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