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Vana'diel Benchmark Scores...

KhrymsonKhrymson Eorzea, MOPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon


In light of all this talk on FFXI I've been doing lately and having linked the Vana'diel Benchmark 3 recently, I thought why not DL it and see what my scores are now.  I don't recall the last time I did this, but I do remember the first time I ran the 1st benchmark back in 2003 with my imported JP version, and my PC at the time just barely scored over 1100 points.  That which was just enough to play the game on the lowest possible settings.


Now I have a fully custom built PC that I've spend over $3700 on, with a GTX 580 and these are my scores.  {Note that the scoring table only goes as high as 7000}:

  • Low: 11037

  • High: 9197



And I just now realized that this is kinda pointless info after writing it, but I'm gonna post it anyway...heh


Anyone else wanna post their scores, or try to beat mine, just for fun?


  • LakytusLakytus Winnipeg, MBPosts: 59Member

    On High, I got almost 12900.  I have 2x GTX 580.  I tried SLI and single card, same scores, and the GPU usage was only at about 18%.  It never really hit 60 fps, it fluctuated between 30-50.  This benchmark is very basic and it's obviously capped out since it barely uses any hardware power.

  • DeathofsageDeathofsage Winston, PAPosts: 1,102Member Uncommon

    GTX 560 TI, peaked at 27% usage and scored 10,300 on high.

    I'll tell you what... I heard that music and I just...smiled.

    Edit: Haha geez. The nostalgia is almost overwhelming.

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