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Please BioWare..


  • edmarkleedmarkle Litchfield, ILMember Posts: 11

    Drama much?    sheesh

  • Master10KMaster10K LondonMember Posts: 3,065

    Didn't we already get a post about this. (-_-)


  • LIOKILIOKI Igloo, ABMember Posts: 353 Uncommon

    sad part is the accuracy of it all.

    Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

  • AnubisanAnubisan Boulder, COMember Posts: 1,798 Uncommon

    This has already been posted.

    It wasn't funny then and it still isn't funny now.

  • sirphobossirphobos Ames, IAMember Posts: 616 Uncommon

    I wonder how many more times this will get posted before January ends.

  • LeetheLeethe Member Posts: 880 Uncommon

    Wasn't that pic posted yesterday in the "one pic to describe this game" thread?


    There is NO miracle patch.

    95% of what you see in beta won't change by launch.

    Hope is not a stategy.
    "This kind of topic is like one of those little cartoon boxes held up by a stick on a string, with a piece of meat under it. In other words, bait."

  • hotixhotix orlando, FLMember Posts: 130 Uncommon

    Still makes me lol every time

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