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Why some people like to play healer?

GranreyGranrey Edmonton, ABPosts: 53Member

Just curious, I 've been playing MMO for couple years and as weird as it sounds. I have never asked the question to the healers.



why do they find it fun?




  • McDougles1McDougles1 North York, ONPosts: 35Member

    They find it fun?

  • OnomasOnomas USAPosts: 1,130Member Uncommon

    No health = death

    Healer = replacing health


    pretty simple concept.


    Because i know people dont take it to help others, so many times our healer just sit there and let everyone die in groups ;)

  • BeyornBeyorn Posts: 273Member Uncommon

    I have always liked helping people.  I do get tired of it sometimes, it can feel like wack-a-mole.

    Sadly in the last couple of years I will only group with friends because people have gotten so rude.  It seems noone helps eachother anymore,  everyone is concerned about doing things as fast as possible to maximize profit ;D.  Then they yell at you for letting someone die due to any number of reasons.  It has kinda gotten like a high stress job.


  • JimyHumuHumuJimyHumuHumu BilbaoPosts: 251Member Uncommon

     Because its fun, and some people actually like to help others. Ah and yea, its more challenging than tab-(F)1 gameplay :=)

  • peted33peted33 Milwaukee, WIPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    I've always enjoyed playing healer/buffing classes. I played my first healer back in FFXI just so i could always gaurantee finding parties. Now i guess I just have no desire to hack and slash instead.

  • MalevilMalevil BratislavaPosts: 468Member

    Originally posted by Granrey

    why do they find it fun?

    Becouse they decide who will live and who will die :P

  • FangrimFangrim PrestonPosts: 593Member Uncommon

    Healing isn't the only way of helping others though :) Tanking,DPS,Utility but I still like the tried and tested roles.Hope it works out in GW2 with no healers :)

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  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon



    DPS messes up = In 95% of the cases, no negatives for it.

    Healer messes up = good chance your group might fail.


    Dps pretty much has the least effect on success in a group. While more mechanics are being introduced to help make them more relevent on success, in the end  one dps miss step usually isn't enough to ruin it for the whole group. Healing tends to be more reactive while dps in many cases is simple rotations. Some games are making it more active but even then I usually get more of a rush to play that healer over a dps in an intense fight. 

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,950Member Epic

    I find all MMORPG activities pretty much the same in terms of fun.  Therefore, I have no firm personal preferences, (though I really won't do tanks, I'm just not good at them in modern MMO's) so I try to play classes that bring the most benefit to the group, guild or raid that other people may not like playing.

    Normally I favor hybrid healers/buffers, but will play the pure healing role if called upon.


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  • tank017tank017 Glendale, CAPosts: 2,192Member
    I used to only play dps and tank,but I enjoy healing.I especially love hybrid classes,dps/heals.Theres a rush knowing a good amount of group success is on your shoulders.i think it's fun..
  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member



    Why people play tanks, dps ,support ,cc , etc classes?


    edit:lately games don't have dedicated cc or and support classes though :/

  • Master10KMaster10K LondonPosts: 3,065Member

    I enjoy healing, well mostly just the more HoT-based healing in RIft, because everything else is either too boring (standard DPS) or too stressful (Tanking in a Raid). Which is funny when you check out my sig and the fact that I'm most excited about playing Guild Wars 2. The game that will effectively destroy the Holy Trinity, with its lack of Tanks & Healers. image


  • SEANMCADSEANMCAD Houston, TXPosts: 13,206Member Epic

    I like being a debuffer..


    first one in, debuff then move out of the way.

     I feel like I am getting my combat fun in while at the same time helping others.



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  • miaoumixmiaoumix EnglandPosts: 1Member

    I think a healer is kinda boring tbh. Whenever I try and heal myself the time it takes for my heal to work I'm already dead.


    Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a healer....


    I just perfer being in a group with them :)



  • mxovibromxovibro Carson CIty, NVPosts: 5Member

    As for myself, I really have only ever played a healer when it was needed. I prefer to play Tanks, as I like doing a crucial role myself, being able to decide the pace of what's going on. I also like it that someone who is newer can take the role of DPS, since most of the time, there is a little more if not a lot more leniency there, so I can help them through.

    I do however have a really good friend who almost exclusively plays Healer/Support. The reason he does it, as I have asked the same question is that, his gaming background is made up of mostly single player JRPG's, and didn't really get into Online gaming/MMO's until about when Aion came out. 

    In his words, he loves MMORPG's, but he isn't very good at doing most things in them. He is however an amazing Healer/support player, because to him, it's easier to make someone else great, than try to be that himself. He also finds it more satisfying being the guy that caused everyone to be able to do what they have done, rather than be in the spotlight, because he is required no matter what.

  • eye_meye_m Notta Chance, ABPosts: 3,317Member Uncommon

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  • GTwanderGTwander San Diego, CAPosts: 6,035Member Uncommon

    I truly believe it's a playstyle that just enjoys putting their attention towards lifebars staying full, instead of watching lifebars go down. Everyone has to deal with setting their attention to something, and I guess being healer is better for some than puller/CC (watching incoming attacks), tanks (watching aggro) and DPS (watching numbers pop up).

    This actually says pretty depressing things about this genre...

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  • PukeBucketPukeBucket Beaverton, ORPosts: 867Member

    People like being social in social games. Despite MMORPGs doing their damnest to kill community any more (why?) being a healer or support is a way for people who find damage or tanking too hectic.

    It's just as hectic. Healers, controllers, and the like are active in the combat but they don't have to deal with too many harmful surprises.

    Tank takes crit, and you have to pop a rescue heal. That's probably the same stress as actually being the tank and seeing that spike of damage and having to switch to a more defensive / standing mechanic.

    But there's a buffer from being on the front line for the players who LOVE to heal.

    Games moving away from dedicated healers isn't going to be the death of this type of gameplay. Support roles have many more iterations than +500 text popping up on the game field.

    I used to play MMOs like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAPosts: 2,411Member Uncommon

    I rolled a healer for a few reasons (keep in mind I am primarily a pvp player).

    1. Most people who play mmorpgs are bad.  When you have a bad healer, your group dies that much faster.

    2. I was sick of dying quickly because of bad healers.

    3. If you want a job done right, you need to do it yourself. 

  • kakasakikakasaki Lockhart, TXPosts: 1,205Member Uncommon

    Play it for the challenge! I find it more difficult keeping people alive than trying to kill them. This is especially true in PvP.


    Plus. you get a warm feeling inside from watching a DPS class whacking away at you while your health bar never falls below 50%... image

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  • SuprGamerXSuprGamerX Montreal, QCPosts: 531Member

     Heh , what kind of a question is that? We play healer so your rear end can actually kill something. Without healers you'd still be playing ball in a cup.  And just for asking such a question I ban you from my hunting parties.


  • GTwanderGTwander San Diego, CAPosts: 6,035Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by PukeBucket

    Games moving away from dedicated healers isn't going to be the death of this type of gameplay. Support roles have many more iterations than +500 text popping up on the game field.

    Ha, yeah! That's really all it takes.

    Oh, and I started playing support roles back in FFXI for the very reasons TheHavok stated.

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  • jadedlevirjadedlevir Kansas, AKPosts: 628Member

    I like playing support roles, pretty simpily. And over the years, the support classes have been merged into the healer classes(or completely disapeared in most cases).  I like being the clutch player in the group that saves other peoples asses lol... the pressure is fun.

  • DJJazzyDJJazzy louisville, COPosts: 2,053Member Uncommon

    God complex

  • EbonyflyEbonyfly St AlbansPosts: 255Member

    I've observed several different psychologies and reasons behind choosing the role of healer:

    - Some choose to be healers for the power and influence it gives them in group play.

    - Some because it is often much easier to find a group in the first place.

    - Some just enjoy helping teammates stay alive more than killing stuff.

    - Some lack confidence in their ability so they take the unpopular role of healer to compensate.

    - Some choose their specific healer class because they perceive it as the most powerful or interesting class.

    - Some choose to play healer only because someone has to.

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