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Shocking Quality Incoming New Monsters To MonsterMMORPG

MonsterMMORPGMonsterMMORPG IstanbulPosts: 74Member

Hello people. I recently hired a professional artist to draw us new monsters. They are all High Quality and hopefully will be available to catch in the game soon. I am planning to get drawn 100 monsters with this quality as a first batch.


First 24 of them are starter and the rest are rare monsters (zenith - legendary - ancient)


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Hissoil (Ground): [Image: 001_Hissoil.png] >

Pythamp (Ground & Electric): [Image: 002_Pythamp.png] >

Terracoil (Ground & Electric): [Image: 003_Terracoil.png]

Chikiddie (Flying): [Image: 004_Chikiddie.png] >

Hawkite (Flying & Normal): [Image: 005_Hawkite.png] >

Hawkite Reagle (Flying & Normal): [Image: 006_Reagle.png]

Dracby (Dragon): [Image: 007_Dracby.png] >

Seagon (Dragon & Water): [Image: 008_Seagon.png] >

Bermudrac (Dragon & Water): [Image: 009_Bermudrac.png]

Yokelby (Fighting): [Image: 010_Yokelby.png] >

Wallacuff (Fighting & Fire): [Image: 011_Wallacuff.png] >

Gengharoo (Fighting & Fire): [Image: 012_Gengharoo.png]

Bulkaff (Rock): [Image: 013_Bulkaff.png] >

Rubbull (Rock & Light): [Image: 014_Rubbull.png] >

Bistone (Rock & Light): [Image: 015_Bistone.png]

Tiktik (Steel): [Image: 016_Tiktik.png] >

Tokroach (Steel & Bug): [Image: 017_Tokroach.png] >

Klactipede (Steel & Bug): [Image: 018_Klactipede.png]

Impoz (Psychic): [Image: 019_Impoz.png] >

Grezlin (Psychic & Dark): [Image: 020_Grezlin.png] >

Zogre (Psychic & Dark): [Image: 021_Zogre.png]

Alpacure (Light): [Image: 022_Alpacure.png] >

Llamyth (Light & Fire): [Image: 023_Llamyth.png] >

Kelblis (Light & Fire): [Image: 024_Kelblis.png]



Below Are Rare Monsters

Arctle (Ice & Water): [Image: 025_Arctle.png] -

Jolteta (Bug & Electric): [Image: 026_Jolteta.png] -

Drakosukus (Rock & Dragon): [Image: 027_Drakosukus.png]

Chlorotops (Grass & Ground): [Image: 028_Chlorotops.png] -

Odonasma (Bug & Ghost): [Image: 029_Odonasma.png]

Submakarb (Water & Steel): [Image: 030_Submakarb.png] -

Tempteras (Flying & Electric): [Image: 031_Tempteras.png]


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  • snoozettesnoozette GisbornePosts: 1Member

    I love the new monsters, can't wait till they are in game and ready to be caught.

    Your artists need a big pat on the back for all their hard work. "Great work guys and girls!" 

  • gu357u53rgu357u53r Cleveland, TNPosts: 113Member

    I cannot choose a favorite out of any of those because each of them are cool in their own way.  Amazing!

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