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StizzledStizzled Springfield, MOMember Posts: 1,556 Uncommon

Grats to PoE for getting listed, it's about time! Anyone got a spare Beta Key? image


  • redcappredcapp brook, NYMember Posts: 722

    In for spare key ;)

  • ThegoodlolThegoodlol AmadoraMember Posts: 64 Common

    Is anyone in the beta and can give us a quick review about this game?

  • BulkathosBulkathos varnaMember Posts: 6 Uncommon

    this game is awsome ,with amazing community !if you like hack n slash this is your game.

  • BanquettoBanquetto CityMember Posts: 1,037 Uncommon

    If you're craving Diablo 2 with a decade of technological advancement behind it, this is the game for you. It looks absolutely stunning, plays really nice, and is.. a lot like Diablo 2.

    Once it launches, I would say that anyone who has ever enjoyed any action-RPG would be absolutely nuts not to check it out.

  • Tenaka43Tenaka43 KievMember Posts: 3

    If anyone have 1 key,give it to me please.Wait for this game for a long time.

  • NerfmehNerfmeh SkopjeMember Posts: 36 Uncommon

    This game is really nice , i just got into closed beta recently and im enjoying it very much.

  • melton80melton80 staunton, ILMember Posts: 54

     Got into Beta and played it for abit and am now done with it, it isn't to bad if you like Diablo, but that is basically what the game is a more graphic Diablo, nothing new or innovating just a game that could easily be called a sequel to the Diablo series, they are that similar. If it is P2P or B2P i'll just wait for the new Diablo cause this is just a Ripoff of that series.

  • laptylapty moscowMember Posts: 2

    please give me key pleas (or del in tligium key)

  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAMember Posts: 1,809 Uncommon

    just got my beta invite today, downloading now!


  • PieRadPieRad Odense MMember Posts: 1,108

    Just updated and fired it up once again, last I played it was in November 2011.

    And once again concluded that this isn't a game for me, I don't know what it is, but it just doesn't catch me.

    I guess if you're a diehard hack n' slash gamer, it would be alright, but for me the zones feel small and very tight, no real sense of exploring or purpose.


    Wish I could give one of you guys a key, but unfortunatly used my "invite a friend - Key" back when I got an invite myself, so I wouldn't have to play it alone.


    But make an acount at, and stay active on their forum, and you'll probably see an invite very soon.


  • rt40rt40 stockholmMember Posts: 29 Uncommon

    i would love a beta key, got 2x tribes ascend keys that i dont need, if anyone wanna trade :) will even give you back the friend invite key that i will get if you want.

    hit me up with a PM!

  • JakardJakard 98390, WAMember Posts: 415

    Good stuff.

  • berlightberlight almadaMember Posts: 156 Uncommon

    Hello there! i was wondering if anyone have a spare key for this game!? i would really apreciate it if you could send me in pm.

    Thanks in advance!


    Beta tester maniac

  • NoxxvilleNoxxville wallaceburg, ONMember Posts: 19 Uncommon

    I've been waitingfor a key for a long time if anyone happens to have or get a spare one. Would be greatly appreciated

  • SquatchinSquatchin Quincy, WAMember Posts: 93

    Looking for a beta key for this too.


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