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ShadanwolfShadanwolf Posts: 2,243Member Uncommon

I would like to start out the game without pvp....Just craft   level up get a feel for the game. LIKE YOU CAN IN EVE.  Can you do that ?


Is the game just a gank feast with the more advanced  ganking  in groups thos of lower ranks ?


Is there Insurance so you can replace your bot  if its destroyed....easily ?


How do you like the crafting....can you make decent money crafting...can you level up a good ways without having to fight?


Is there any faction vs faction fighting. I don't mean guild vs guild I mean a large segment of players vs another large segment ?




  • SraikSraik Olympia, WAPosts: 23Member

    Yup. You can just do industry in the game if you want.  Actually, I think the industry system is pretty good.  The Devs recently made some changes to make industry a bit more accessible to low experience players.  The hard part about industry atm is that the market exists as a subsistence-level thing (this is in large part due to the low player base).

    On a more positive note, by getting going on industry now, you would be in a position to do well when the player base increases (assuming it does).  Besides, corps are quite welcoming to indy types.

    I don't do that much PvP, so I will leave comment on that to others.

    Yes, Insurance is available (although I don't use it;  bad habit left over from EvE)

    Corp warfare is in full  force and alliances are present.  That said, tools for alliance/faction fighting are still under development.

    Hope the above helps; encourage you to check out a trial account.  The game is quite enjoyable.

  • Crunchy221Crunchy221 Trollsberg, ILPosts: 489Member

    The "gank fest" of this game isnt like you think.

    It involves needing to go to one of the pvp islands, either for the epriton resource that is mined there or for the hard mobs and the kernals they drop.  Once there you have a decent chance on getting ganked, though not 100%.

    But yeah, this game is anything but a gank fest up untill your ready for it.  You will not have to worry about pvp untill you decide to expose yourself to it.

    In the OP's scenario, hes probably going to want to join a corporation that has a base on one of those islands or be part of a corporation that can provide adequate protection for the eventuality you need to mine epriton (which can also be purchased on the market)

  • psykobillypsykobilly NYC, NYPosts: 338Member


    You can play the entire game on safe 'alpha' islands.  While rare ore can only be mined on beta islands, you can easily buy the ore off the market.  The tough mobs on the beta islands also exist on the alpha islands.

    It's one of the problems of the game.... not a lot of motivation or reason to hang out on the beta islands.

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