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Any pre-abyssea players found a a new mmo?

tollboothtollbooth grants pass, ORPosts: 298Member Common

It's been about 1.5 years since i left FFXI, and I still haven't been able to find a decent replacement.  Has anyone who liked FFXI prior to the level cap increase found a game smiliar or that they liked?  I've tried so many and they are all stupid easy and dumb quest grinds.  Some of the things i miss about ffxi and I'd like in a new mmo:

One character - in ffxi we were able to level any job on the same character

Challenging - Seemed like there was always someway to push the limits of your gear and ability by doing stuff solo or low manning it.

party xp instead of quest grind - questing is the biggest grind and i f'ing hate it.  I'd rather party for xp and be able to see ourselves get better at our jobs and earn xp faster and faster as we start to work together.

I think you guys that enjoyed FFXI before abyssea know what I'm after, and I'm wondering if anyone has found it.  doesn't matter if it's F2P or P2P or even a different language.


  • LexinLexin Ellenville, NYPosts: 701Member Uncommon

    No luck for me but going to try FFXIV and see how the free 30 days go.


  • tollboothtollbooth grants pass, ORPosts: 298Member Common

    FFXIV looks like it will be a solid game after v2.0 arrives.  As it is now though it's not worth a sub to me.

  • DeadlySwordzDeadlySwordz , NJPosts: 91Member

    no luck for me over here either. I left FFXI when they announced the new level caps etc. But FFXI is still to this day my favorite MMO that I have played. I played for about 5-6 solid yrs. I played FFXIV as well but the game still needs a lot of work. They said they are going to start charging this week or something which I think is a bad move since the game isn't complete yet. I did a few betas for Star Wars The Old Republic but it really just felt like another WoW clone.  I think eventually I will go back to FFXI, but who knows when.

    Question : I know they reduced the price to FFXIV. Was there any price reduction for FFXI? If there is, it will probably make me want to come back sooner than later lol

  • VanadromArdaVanadromArda Hot Springs Village, ARPosts: 445Member

    My love hate relationship with FFXI continues to this day. I love the game, always will. I appreciate it's desire to make skill a bit part of it. But the reasons why I'm not playing anymore are as follows:

    • Game is too easy now.

    • Game is too dependant on 3rd party software.

    • Too easy to cheat via 3rd party software.

    • Abysea is too cut-throat for me, I like it but the players are very nasty in there.

    • I can't find any pleasure in the game anymore, everything I liked has been watered down to nothing.

    Have I found anything new? No, but lord I am trying to find something. But nothing seems to be quite as slow paced and as extreme as FFXI was, and doesn't look even near as good either! I wish there was something to play that gave me the same feel, sadly FFXIV doesn't seem to be selling me just yet.

  • WSIMikeWSIMike Catskill, NYPosts: 5,564Member

    I'm playing Istaria and having a great time.

    It's a true old-school style MMORPG, from the same overall mold as FFXI and other offerings of the 2nd generation of MMORPGs.  

    It gets a lot of flack because it's had a rough history, isn't as popular as other MMOs and, yes, does look a bit dated. That said, it's a very large game with lots to do and plenty of options in how you can play it. I think because of its history, that it's a more "under the radar" type MMO and that it's not as popular a MMO as others are, folks don't really look too deeply into it. I think many of them would be surprised at what they find if they did. It's a remarkly expansive and deep game.

    Here are some features to be found in Istaria that are similar to what FFXI offers (or offered, as it's a very different game post-Abyssea than it was pre-Abyssea):

    1. Ability to play any job (called schools in Istaria) on the same Biped character. I specify Biped because you can also play as a dragon, which has an entirely different playstyle and means of progression (but I'll get to that). On offer in terms of Schools, you have 27 total, which are broken down into 3 categories:

    - 4 "Basic" Schools: These are your options as a brand-new character, similar to being able to choose from your 6 starting jobs in XI. In Istaria, these are Warrior, Cleric, Mage and Scout. 

    - 17 Prestige Schools. These are the equivalent of FFXI's Advanced Jobs and have to be unlocked. These are Battle Mage, Berserker, Blood Mage, Chaos Warrior, Conjurer, Crossbowman, Elemental Archer, Guardian, Healer, Knight of Creation, Paladin, Ranger, Reaver, Shaman, Sorcerer, Spearman and Wizard.

    - 3 "Hybrid" Schools. These are considered "quasi-Prestige" schools in that they're not quite as "advanced" (so to speak) as a Prestige School, but are more specialized than the 4 Basic Schools. These are Monk, Spiritist and Druid. 

    Monk deserves special mention here as it is potentially 4 Schools in one. In the Monk School, you have 4 disciplines you can choose to follow, as an Ice Disciple, Flame Disciple, Spirit Disciple or Storm Disciple. Each brings a different 'flavor" to how the Monk is played.

    The means of unlocking them isn't the same as in XI. In Istaria, each Prestige School is unlocked by meeting certain prerequisites in at least 1 or 2 other schools (a certain skill level in relevant skills). In addition to enhancing each other based on what ones you've trained in, you can think of Schools almost as "building blocks". Basic and Hybrid Schools are often the "component parts" to unlock a Prestige School combining the flavor of both.

    For example, to unlock the Ranger School, you must have a Bow skill of at least 150 (level 15 in a related school) and Nature skill of at least 200 (level 20 in a related school).  However, there's a further requirement in that you must have Healing to at least 100 in order to unlock Druid, which requires you to play a healing School, such as Cleric. So you can see how the Schools sort of build on each other. In this case, you can guess that Rangers are archers with a series of nature-based skills, including offensive, defensive and healing. 

    And that's just the Advenure classes for the Biped path of the game.

    I haven't even touched on the crafting side which is quite involved as well.

    And then there's the "other" approach to playing Istaria, and what it's usually most known for... Playing as a Dragon. Dragons have an entirely different progression path from Bipeds which, while not as diverse as the Biped path, certainly come with their own benefits, perks and flourishes. 

    2. Another aspect Istaria shares with FFXI is the difficulty. Istaria is an unforgiving game. The mobs are *not* to be taken lightly as, even though some are weaker, to be sure.. there are some that will absolutely rip your face off if you're not careful.  

    3. Death Penalty. You don't lose xp for dying in Istaria. What you do get is a "Death Point". Death Points are basically counted against your character and result in the reduction of your character's strength and stats. The more Death Points you stack, the worse the penalty. The ways to get rid of DPs are by either waiting it out (which could take hours), or by eating foods. Foods will decrease the penalty duration by up to a few hours. Typically eating a "full meal" (appetizer, meal and dessert) will do the trick to get rid of at least one. Suffice to say, it's enough to make the world feel dangerous and instill a healthy respect and fear of many of the game's creatures.

    Honestly.. I could go on for pages about the similarities between Istaria and FFXI... but also the differences, which there are plenty. 

    Is it a perfect game? No, not at all. It has its share of flaws, to be sure. However, for me right now, it's definitely providing a lot of entertainment and a good "old-school fashion" sense of adventure. 

    If you want to look into it yourself as a possible alternative to FFXI, here are a few links to check it out. - Official site, of course :) - a great resource for the game where you can learn more about what I've covered, and then some. - another resource/info site that gets into some real specific info that is handy when playing the game. 


    If you decide to give it a try, and you roll on Chaos, look me up in-game... My character is Shanree. Send me a /tell and let me know who you are and I'll do what I can to give you a good welcome. Bear in mind, though, that I'm still pretty new back to the game (played it years ago when it was still Horizons and so am pretty much a newbie at this point lol), so I'm not going to have a lot of info that you might have questions for. There is a New Player channel, however, where people will typically answer questions you may have.

    Anyway! I'd best cut this off here, else someone think I'm trying to pimp for Istaria or something. I simply feel that for someone looking for a similar "old-school" feel similar to what FFXI gave (but that doesn't feel exactly like XI), this is a really good option that has mostly flown under people's radars.




    "If you just step away for a sec you will clearly see all the pot holes in the road,
    and the cash shop selling asphalt..."
    - Mimzel on F2P/Cash Shops


  • AlkavenAlkaven Edmonton, ABPosts: 25Member

    Yikes! Old thread found in a google search, but because I as well have been looking for the replacement for classic FFXI (even a progression server would bring me back), I've decided to revive this one with my own suggestion.

    While a lot of people don't like this game for many reasons, I've found Wizardry Online to be a fix for my lack of FFXI pre-abyssea withdrawal. It doesn't have the same job system (level each job to 75) and most of it is entirely dungeon-oriented, but it does force you to group and party together to advance. There is a harsh grind (nobody has reached the level cap of 50), and it has your standard tank and healer combo still.

    It "does" have class-changing, but not in the same vein. You will reset to level 1 (even switching back), but you will carry over skills in such a way that it gives you more power by doing so, and can even switch back to your original class to end up as a more powerful version of that class. There are missions/quests you can do, but they're not like hopping from one batch to the next a la WoW-style.

    Look it up. It's a fun game and I find it suitably fills the void left in the wake of FFXI's Abyssea update. Don't be scared off by the Permadeath or Open-World PvP selling points. They do not severely impact the game's playability.

    The only issue with Wizardry Online is it's small community. It's a generation behind in graphics, and it's published by SOE. Despite that, I still find it enjoyable.

    Main Site:

  • AmsaiAmsai Montgomery, ALPosts: 297Member Uncommon

    Might I suggest supporting the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter campaign?

    Its getting influence from FFXI, EQ and Vanguard, and is promising a return to a more old school feel and approach.

    Check out their updates and see if this might fill that need. The combat update looked to be especially influenced by FFXI. And the Hero Essence seem to be similar to the Espers system from FFVI.

    I know people aren't in love with crowdfunding or think its too far off. But consider this. If projects like this aren't funded outside of the big publishers. Then everything will just be different flavors of wow clones and FFA PvP sandboxes from now on.

    Please check it out and help get this thing funded.




  • Calintz333Calintz333 BergenPosts: 1,189Member Uncommon
    There are two MMOs that I would recommend. FFXI is a fantastic game. To me it is FFXI for people who don't have a lot of time.

    There is also Aion. Aion is an old school game with a lot of grinding and difficult dungeons, PvP, and PvE content. If you want an old school struggle to level your character and get gear Aion is the best choice. It is also 100% free to play and for once the cash shop that they have does not actually fuck the game over. I strongly recommend these two games.
  • observer350observer350 phoenix, AZPosts: 2Member Common
    Ive been searching for a game like pre abby XI for years and I found one!  I cant post any links or anything as far as I know but if  you're one of those people that's looking to play the old school FFXI, all you need to do is a google search of nasomi ffxi and you'll find all the info you need.
  • elockeelocke Manassas, VAPosts: 4,305Member Uncommon

    Nothing comes close to giving me the immersion and challenge and progression factor that FFXI gave me.  I was hoping FFXIV would do it but with better controls, UI and graphics but sadly it did all 3 of those but didn't keep the FFXI world immersion or depth or challenge.

    Half tempted to buy the Seeker's Collection on Steam and start from scratch, so tempting.  I wouldn't even know which server to start on or where to find info anymore though.

    While I enjoy other MMOs, like WoW and Wildstar and Rift, none of them come close to making me feel a part of the world the way FFXI did.  I also made more friends in FFXI way back in the day then I have in any game since.  Probably due to having to group for everything.  Ah, if I could just recapture that magic in current MMOs.  Of course, to do that, the devs need to realize what that magic was and actually make a game that has it but that is also up to date.

  • Colt47Colt47 Elgin, ILPosts: 549Member Uncommon

    While I miss FFXI pre-abyssea there were things in that game that definitely needed work.  One of the benefits that game had was that due to the way people earned experience to level and the multiple class system, people spent more time at all the different levels of play and it kept the game more vibrant and alive.   They also had gear that was useful for very long periods of time, such as the original Ochuidos Kote and Emperor Hairpin, that players would spend a great amount of time trying to get and keep as prize trophies.

    The only thing I wish they would have taken further is have a system where players could "delve" to get loot and if they died, they'd drop all the stuff they picked up.  People would often run deep into dangerous territory for class quests and other details so it basically just legitimizes the action further.  That and if someone makes another game like FFXI I hope they don't let people de-level.  The experience loss is okay, it's just that gear planning can be a pain and having a sudden de-level can put a burden on ones inventory.

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