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What server is more populated?

jbadoljbadol Milltown, NJPosts: 13Member

Hi all, Just started Istaria and am REALLY enjoying the game. But before I invest too much time in a toon I'd like to know what server has a healthier population.





  • LithuanianLithuanian vilniusPosts: 277Member Uncommon

    Looks like it may be Chaos.

    However, chosing a server ("shard") may depend on your personal preferences.

    Blight is used for testing. Any updates are first tested on Blight and only then on others. If you want to test unknown and help developers - you are wellcome to Blight.

    Chaos is used for standard playing. Maybe the biggest population.

    Order is intended for role-playing (although not everyone role-plays there).

    Looks like Order is more helpfull to new players than other shards, also there are a bit less incidents there. I cannot say I have full knowledge about other shards - just telling what have heared from other players.

    Besides, if you are planning to join Guild, it may influence your chose of server too. So - plan your future ;)


  • SpiiderSpiider BinzPosts: 591Member Uncommon

    I just started and I had the same question. Chaos has more people on it from what I was able to see.

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