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Ideas For Merchants?

orangeitisorangeitis Galloway, OHMember Posts: 32 Uncommon

I'm having trouble coming up with decent skills for my Merchant classes.

I already have mundane ideas like "Sales Pitch"(item demonstrating), "Embezzlement"(stealing money from an employer character, increases negative karma), and "Foot in the Door"(literally to hold doors open at houses of potential customers)

Buuut I can't think of any more.

By the way, the "game" I'm planning is a virtual world styled in a medieval/pre-industrial society. No genre, just anything goes. The job classes are arranged in an MMORPG-styled class tree, and skills are um... MMORPG-styled, for lack of a better term. (think MMORPG skill trees, rather than click items to perform actions-type games)

My Merchant job class branches into the Marketeer and Trader classes later in the game.

Ideas please. D:

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  • HypeHype Huntsville, ALMember Posts: 270 Common

    Ambitious there, Merchant as a class.

    Well, for an economy, all players have to be capable of buying and selling, so what does the Merchant have that they don't?

    Well, one of their Trees could be the Shop Tree, in which they can increase the size and inventory of their shop, specialize in particular types of items, or not, gain the frachising ability, to take cuts from other people's sales in exchange for items/supplies/etc, gain access to more prominent locations, employ NPC shopkeepers, and the like. Basically, their auto-selling/trading abilities.

    Another tree a Merchant could have is their actual Salesmanship tree, which would include the auto-bartering and discounts and such, as well as being able to get more money out of NPCs who buy. That in turn could transfer into abilities to bribe or otherwise influence NPCs in a non-combat context. I might even include this Bribe ability for PCs, and allow them to hand out simple missions with rewards of money or items. That would be a pretty cool thing for a PC to be able to do, and NPC merchants do it all the time.

    The third tree I would give them is the Bodyguard tree, in which they can hire/train an NPC  to protect them and do their dirty work. They can upgrade their thug's abilities, stats, autonomy and AI in this tree. I'm a bit obtuse in that way, I believe every class should have some kind of combat option. But that's just me.


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