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So if there is no sever forums....

Ambros123Ambros123 Neverneverland, TNPosts: 877Member

How does one find a guild on their server?  The Guild Hall is just a giant cluster fuck and a complete waste of time, spamming in general chat you will most likely get responses from guilds of lesser that steller quality...

One of the main reasons I used server threads in the past was to look for guilds and wonder how is one can effectively search for a guild now with what I see is a complete blunder of BW.  Who cares if server forums does trash talk, at least people can communicate especially for cross faction communication.  Let the server community deal with it as they please instead of trying to nip and negativity in their formums... speaking of which. does Blizz even bother moderating their server forums?

Eh, sry for the off-topic rant but how is one suppose to find guilds on their server if not via teh server thread?

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