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Champions Online: A Fool's Errand Begins

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,949MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Champions Online players will want to check into the game for this year's Winter Event. Called "A Fool's Errand", the event brings back The Toymaster but also introduces Black Harlequin's Clarence, a huge (and rather scary looking!) teddy bear.

  • New Costume Pieces! New holiday-themed costume pieces, including a Steampunk Backpack.

  • New Action Figures! Grandfather Winter, Winter Helper, Frostee, Mecha Soldier and Rudy.

  • New Become Critters! Temporarily transform your character into one of three critters: Toy Soldier, Snowman or the Gingerbread Man.

  • New Perks! We've added new perks to this year's event.

  • A Special Holiday Event! Confront and defeat Black Harlequin to save the holidays for everyone. But beware, where Black Harlequin goes, the dreaded Clarence is sure to follow.

  • Presents Under The Tree! Millennium City has a giant, ornamented tree in City Center. Beginning December 24, visit the tree to receive great presents.

Read more on the Champions Online site.



  • MataOCDMataOCD ZagrebPosts: 54Member

    Cool event.

  • TuchakaTuchaka san diego, CAPosts: 468Member Uncommon

    sorta like your a fool if you play this game ?

  • LeetheLeethe Posts: 880Member Uncommon
    Good news this. Clarence takedown was pretty fun.

    There is NO miracle patch.

    95% of what you see in beta won't change by launch.

    Hope is not a stategy.
    "This kind of topic is like one of those little cartoon boxes held up by a stick on a string, with a piece of meat under it. In other words, bait."

  • Quizar1973Quizar1973 Harold, KYPosts: 83Member Uncommon

    This is a Great Event. Champions has come a long way since launch and its for the better for sure. Of corse there will always be haters that will down the game no matter how much better it does get..But Who cares what they say..The game has gotten better

  • AeolronAeolron Ottawa, ONPosts: 648Member
    I agree with you quizar, the game did get better and some people will say anything to bash a game. However I am not playing it because of afew issues but nonetheless the game is very well done better then dc universe.
  • gandalesgandales Pembroke Pines, FLPosts: 468Member Uncommon

    Clarence fight is nice. They changed a bit so players won't be knock up by clarence twice a minute but they put it a bit more healthy bear so the fight lasts moreless the same as before. It also added a new mini-instance with Black Harlequin, although he is annoyingly survivable, I would recommend going in group for this one, not because he can kill you, but the issue is that sustain dps is needed to take him down.

    Yesterday, it was released the last issue of the comic series 2: Whiteout and this week hopefully new power frameworks wind and/or earth

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