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Live Stream ~ The End of SWG...

KhrymsonKhrymson Eorzea, MOMember Posts: 3,090 Uncommon


Hosted by PCGamer if anyone is interested in watching SWG come to an end and see who wins the conflict!


I do believe they've said the final moments will be from 7-9pm PST, and its 5:15pm PST  as of this posting.   Until then they're running around on the Sunstrider Server checking out all the crazy events going on, like snowing on Tatooine and spawns of really huge enemies, randomly growing trees and other fauna...etc


Its rather interesting, but I'm having a hard time pulling myself away from TOR...hehe



OK, they were just running a test for a bit there, the stream is down until 7pm PST now...


  • darkbladeddarkbladed newburgh, NYMember Posts: 193

    I don't wanna create a poopstorm but; I miss pre NGE.

    No whining but I haven't found a game that compares to it (for all of its bugs).


  • KhrymsonKhrymson Eorzea, MOMember Posts: 3,090 Uncommon

    Its back on...very crazy stuff going on!

  • ProsonProson MandalMember Posts: 544 Uncommon

    Never played the game before, but this kinda made me want too play it ><

    Been hearing so much negativeity about the NGE so i never botherd to try it out. But it does look quiet fun, even if it was alot better before the NGE and i would have loved to play it back then.

    Currently Playing Path of Exile

  • SinakuSinaku Austin, TXMember Posts: 501 Uncommon

    Never got to play this either cause of all the bad reviews but it does look really fun...sad day in the MMO universe...

  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYMember Posts: 3,677 Uncommon

    That really was kind of sad to watch...

  • russellb1975russellb1975 Hampton, VAMember Posts: 50
  • Omni1rbbOmni1rbb Buffalo, NYMember Posts: 83

    Just watched it shut down, that was so sad :(  I never got to play it, and I really wish I had.  It remained forever on my "to try" list.

    SWG seemed like an awesome game, it feels like the mmo world just lost something special.

    I hope all of you SWG players find a new home somewhere. 


  • UW1975UW1975 Kingston, ONMember Posts: 183

    Very moving, and the guys playing were very moved too, you could tell.

    So long SWG!

  • eyceleycel rolling hillz, PAMember Posts: 1,334

    im glad i got to see the end, thanks for link.


  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYMember Posts: 3,677 Uncommon

    I think the sad part about an MMO shutting down, is that no one will ever play that game again. Its not like any other game, where it can always be picked up and played 10 20 years later.

    SWG and many other MMOs that have "Died" are games that people spent countless hours to develope and now no one will ever be able to experience those games again.

  • NaughtyPNaughtyP Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 793 Uncommon

    So sad! Despite the fact I haven't played for years, I still have lots of fond memories of this game. Thanks for the video.

    Enter a whole new realm of challenge and adventure.

  • johnnychangsjohnnychangs Rockland, MEMember Posts: 250 Uncommon

    Yea I watched this live also, very very sad.

    Thanks to the guys at PC Gamer for doing this.


    They said they would archive the stream if anybody still wants to watch it.

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