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CiR offering Accountsharing

MoBIoSMoBIoS colognePosts: 17Member

CiR officially offering Accountsharing on their Website.

This, if I am not totally mistaken breaches the EULA drastically.

As I am sure CiR Syndic is quite aware of this, it gives me reasons to speculate, on how bias the DEV´s really are, for Syndic not needing to fear any drastic sanctions, other then a "temp" ban.

It really seems a matter of some are better than others in front of the DEV´s.

Needless to say, that taking over i.e. early access Indu accounts dropping out of the game, gives that corp a substantial technological benefit, for which other corps have to grind day in day out. The same goes obviosly for pvp accounts. 

For gaining such benefits, other accounts, on other occasions where insta perma banned.



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  • unclemounclemo ColoradoPosts: 454Member Uncommon

    No problem bro.  Game is all yours now.  Enjoy.

  • SomeDude101SomeDude101 Dudeville, KYPosts: 45Member

    Lol look at what a tool you are. Can't beat us squarely so you cry to the Devs like a little schoolboy. But you got what you wanted, we are done with it, enjoy your empty game, maybe now you can finally matter. Although don't become too powerful or you might get banned ;)


  • xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYPosts: 2,063Member Uncommon

    As someone who is in CIR. We all shared accounts. We all ran multiple accounts that ranged from 3-10. Since the onset of this game that is how CIR did it. We all shared everything with each other.  When corps ran mining ops, they did so with 2-4 corp accounts. When we in CIR ran a mine op. We stripped a area in less than 3 hours. Ran 10 miners and a minimal of 3 haulers.  We at CIR had more resources, more bots than even m2s. Nova  had more stuff than most corps would think imaginable. But we worked it legitimately. Unlike M2S which used exploits. We did it with paid accounts.The reason others like you OP were complaining. Why CIR was and by all accounts the greatest corporation and had the best alliance this game had ever seen. But you dont have to worry about that now. We of CIR have left. Found better horizons.


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  • GreenzorGreenzor otilioPosts: 165Member

    I for one think that account sharing shouldn't be penalized. I think that the developers use to penalize this account sharing situation to protect the players. After all, it's their account and their money.

    That said, I think that sharing your account is utterly dumb and risky.




  • psykobillypsykobilly NYC, NYPosts: 338Member

    Originally posted by xpowderx

    But you dont have to worry about that now. We of CIR have left. Found better horizons.


    Are you nublets playing star wars Wow-clone?  Tell the truth.


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