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One (short) paragraph about each MMO you have played.

marcustmarcust AdelaidePosts: 491Member Uncommon

UO: My first. I had no idea how MMO's worked and played it like a true sandbox. Loved champion spawns. Loved Monday night pvp sessions (red vs blue tabards in Trinsic) with my guild (OrB on Oceania). My visit to Pax Lair on Chessy and the guided tour by an old hand there will never be forgotten. Chainsaw Knight and his roleplay - awesome storyteller. RL meets. Housing - spent way too many nights customising it.

Lineage2: Loved the castle seiges. Paladin back then was very hard to level but because it was so hard to level the focus became the chats while grouped. Lineage2 radio while grinding in a group. Taking and holding Heine castle for 3 months on Lionna. So much drama but nothing but good memories remain. Very happy I was there at the time and having fun returning now its ftp.

WoW: Always took the piss out of itself. Best raiding in any game I've experienced, most complicated raiding. Enjoyed levelling up the first toon but the motivation to level another toon was not there for me. Battlegrounds pvp generally are meh. All about the group raiding. Great memories of almost obsessive raiding that took up many more hours than it should, but easily the best raiding I've experienced.

Lotro: By far the most breadth of any MMO I've played. Am still discovering new places. The raiding is more simplistic than WoW. Best overall community I've experienced. Enjoying the pvp now but didn't so much before ROI. Most soloable game. The epic quest line is truly epic (except all the travel can be annoying). Lifetime membership was the best investment I've made in MMO's.

Darkfall: Love the 3rd person, the targetting and the PvE. Was always at a disadvantage with 200+ ping pvp and when they moved the US server to the east coast (300 ping) killed the game for me. Closest thing to UO. Still hoping some big company buys them out and hosts an Asian / West Coast USA server again. Comraderie within the guild was great, community generally not so great, but that suited the mood of the game. Would go back if I could get sub 200 ping. Was fun owning a city and being attacked often.

Mortal Online: Great ideas, not so good execution as yet. Could be anything with the right investment and more development skills. To be fair I never joined a guild and experienced guild life.

Aion, Rift, Earthrise, AoC - nothing worth writing about. 

Playing: Diablo 3 and Black Desert 
Other favourite games have been: UO, Lineage2, WoW, Darkfall, Lotro


  • ManticorpsManticorps Houston, TXPosts: 41Member Uncommon

    Just some thoughts off the top of my head for a few that I have played:

    UO - Loved the depth and variety. I loved and hated the housing. I loved how you could place anything, repurpose stuff to decorate, etc. I hated "urban sprawl". Not a huge fan of the actual game engine or graphics, they haven't held up well. I used to love to browse merchants and look at the huge variety of housing options, libaries, etc. Just so much to do in UO. Treasure maps, boats, fishing, just so much.

    EQ -Probably my favorite game of all time. Still going pretty strong, though I have long since moved on. I tried to go back to my old server, but there had been so many changes, it was a different game. Progression server is lots of fun. I loved  the combat mechanics, the different classes and how they fit into a role. Crowd Control was a big part of the game. The Holy Trinity, back in the day was: Warrior, Cleric, Enchanter. How times change. The Community was pretty good,some guilds might hate each other, but members were the best of friends while grouped together. I liked how game mechanics brought the community together. Travel was a chore, unless you knew a wizard or druid, etc. I loved the epic 72 person raids. Tradeskills and other non combat activites were just tacked on, felt they could have done more. I think the graphics held up ok, and the game still plays well, though it's not quite the same game.

    FFXI - Started playing with a few friends from EQ. We generally liked it, though it was frustrating in some aspects. The latency was a real issue when trying to get named mobs. The detail was incredible and I rather liked the graphics. The UI took some getting used to, but once you accepted the fact that the mouse was not to be used, it became more intuitve. The boat rides could turn out to be an adventure, you never knew. Getting all of us set up on the same server was quite difficult as you couldn't select a server. Plus the whole play online, accounts, passwords and everything prior to getting logged in was rather convoluted.

    EQ2 - I played this for a long time, though I never liked it as much as EQ. It has changed substantially since release. Raids were actually pretty good and I had lots of fun. I do wish it was more group focused though. There have been many mixed reviews on the graphics and engine EQ2 used, I never really had too mcuh trouble. I do shut off some graphic stuff, not for performance, but mostly so I can see what's going on around me better. It is an SOE game, and I disagree with many of the changes to the game. I think I have one friend that still plays.

    DAoC - Not much to say. I started playing at launch with a few friends and thought it launched rather well. I found the PvE portion to be quite "meh", but really found the RvR to be intense and fun. I'll never forget the first time I saw the lightning bolts coming down from the sky.

    SWG - On paper, I should have liked this game. I started playing at release, and just never got into it. I liked it at first, bought a 6 month subscription  and quit playing after a couple of months. Part of the problem I had, it just seemed quite empty and devoid of "life". I'm not sure if it was the server I was on or what. I just didn't like it for whatever reason.

    Rift - I thought it was well polished and fun for what it was. It wasn't my favorite game, but really couldn't fault the game, it's just my taste. I didn't have anything better to play at the time, so I played a couple of months. I enjoyed playing my warrior tank and my rogue tank most. After the 2nd month, I was getting listless and noticed that everyone on my friends list was gone.

    WoW - I tried hard to like this game, as I have friends who enjoy it. I have played it off and on and just never got into it. The game itself isn't bad, but the community makes me want to do bad things to puppies and kittens. I think the whole dungeon finder thing is horrible, I like talking with people in groups, Most of what I did in WoW was either talking to friends, watching TV while doing intstances. Just too linear and solo centric for my tastes.

    Vanguard - One of the prettiest game worlds I've seen to date. I got into beta pretty early (2.0) and stayed until release. I didn't buy it once it released, due to performance issues and the fact that it just wasn't ready. SOE really did do a good job fixing VG and making it playable, but alas, it was too late. I came in later and subscribed for a couple of months, and was really impressed with the environment, classes, group play and had alot of fun. The population just isn't there. If there were more people, I think this game could really be something. Diplomacy was fun, and as far as I know, unique. It still has relatively steep computer  requirements, though it runs pretty smooth with lots of memory.

    Played sorta, but really won't comment on Eve, AO, AoC, LOTRO, GW, DDO, and maybe a couple of others. If I could find a nice Sandpark, a hybrid between EQ and UO, I'd be in heaven.

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