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Just seen the US cash shop...

VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

Holy shit... $60 for the 'Destiny' adventure pack.... that's insane.

Will this game be playable for the folks that only buy the 'Discovery' or 'Adventure' packs, or even those that take NCoft at their word of being 'truly free' and play as such?

When I say 'playable' I mean not be a permenant frustrating chain of ganks that I have no chance of winning.

Vet opinions please, leaving blinkers at the door if possible.


  • ColdicesColdices XPosts: 157Member
    There is nothing in the shop that will effect end-game PvP.

    Let me tell you about all the contents.

    Vesper Weapon: Will be a pretty good lvl 76 (yes they changed it) S-grade weapon that will last you to 85 where you can very easily get a new R-grade weapon that will be a lot better than the vesper one. So it just helps you to get trough the levels 76-85 without buying a weapon. Players that dont buy this bundle will have to either buy a S-grade weapon from the npc shop or from another player. The low grade S weapon that you can buy from the npc shop will be very cheap and easily affordable for new players(6 mil.) So it only helps in the leveling progress to 85. And no, this is not some godlike weapon that one hits everything, its a normal mid-s grade weapon which every player can get.

    Buff cocktails: These are the buff potions, they are good if you dont have a support buffer to play with you. But this is also just for the leveling progress if you dont have access to a friendly enchanter. The buffs will not stack with the buffs from an enchanter.

    Vitality potions: Vitality is an exp boost from mobs (you can compare it with rested in WoW). Each week it will be set to max level and you 'consume' it by killing mobs. So as long as you have vitality up you get an exp bonus. These potions just extend your vitality.

    Pet tickets: Pets can be usefull for buffing and healing you if you tend to solo a lot. Otherwise its pure cosmetical. You can also train one yourself.

    Soul and spiritshot bundles: These are the consumables you always want to use, buyung this from the shop will make it easier for you to level because you dont have to craft/buy them ingame. But these items are not expensive and can easily be made without buying it here. Of course you will spend yourself a lot money and time if you buy it from the shop.

    And last is the vitality replenishing potion... well that one speaks for itself ;)

    Conclusion: buying this pack will increase your leveling speed and maybe save you some ingame money for not buying the S weapon and consumables. Otherwise its not needed at all.

    Hope this was helpfull :)

  • HorActiHorActi AgrinioPosts: 33Member

    I am a vet, I will start fresh, and I won't buy anything from the cash shop. Believe me it doesn't deserve the money. By the time you will need nice stuff, you will be able to have it (craft it, buy it in the market).

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,063Member Epic

    The real cash shop wont be revealed to NoV 30th. 


  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

    ok guys, that's reassuring, thx a lot (especially you Cold )

    Can't wait for the EU server to go up now :)

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