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Underlight: New Updates

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The team at Lyra Studios has just sent us the following press release regarding their MMORPG Underlight:

Los Angeles, CA, February, 2, 2005 - Underlight, the massively multiplayer role-playing game, billed as the only TRUE role-playing experience, has announced a new set of storylines that are currently taking place within the gameworld. The updates will appear as new stories occur and others mature in order to show gamers what takes place in this unique MMORPG.

Today, the city of Underlight is under siege by the hoardes of Dark Mares, led by their General, Tzayak. Dark Mares are human controlled adversaries for the players of Underlight. Controlled by the game masters, these unique creatures offer players an interactive experience in role-playing and combat, much more than AI controlled monsters which offer little challenge and little interactivity. The Dark Mares have their own language which they speak and can be learned if a player wishes. This offers the chance to speak with or even ally with these major points in the story. They'll talk back! The current Dark Army has invaded the city and taken over, by force, one of the 8 Great Houses of the city. Dreamers from all other Houses are now forced to unite and face the greatest threat to their existence to date. The petty bickering between houses has been put aside to fight in this great war of ideals. Meanwhile, many of the dreamers within the invaded house have knelt and sworn allegiance to their new Lords and Masters, their own safety and existence dependent upon Chaotic creatures whom they believe they can trust, or possibly use for power.

The city of Underlight trembles now before this hoarde, will you answer the call and aid the dreamers in destroying the Maren threat? Or will you kneel before the Mares, intent on glory and power, fighting for the forces of Chaos? The choice is yours.

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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