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Next Stress Test Date?

rygar218rygar218 altamonte springs, FLPosts: 332Member Uncommon

Did they announce the next date for this yet? Is it this weekend? Or no announcement yet has been made? Eager to get back on lol


  • RinnaRinna Las Vegas, NVPosts: 389Member Uncommon

    No announcement yet.  I'd bet 5 bucks it's going to be Thanksgiving weekend.  They said "this month" and they've stated that they're going to roll out invites in waves over a couple days... so, it's got to be Thanksgiving weekend.  They've also said it's going to be 4 days long.  

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  • QuesaQuesa Sacramento, CAPosts: 1,432Member Uncommon

    I thought for sure there were emails sent out last week for two weekends.  There were alot of "i can't read" people who thought their invite was for this weekend past but were really for the upcomming one.

    We only have 5 weekends left until full release.  I'd speculate that the last available weekend will be reserved for the early start pre-orders so that leave 4.  This weekend, I believe, is a "closed" stress test, just like this weekend last.  So that leaves us with 3.  I'd speculate, yet again, that the first of the last 3 will be another "closed" test and the next being an optimizing - no beta - weekend with client iteration and other server maintenance leaving the last weekend for the major open-beta stress test, which will likely be frought with alot of server crashes and other goodies that come with large-scale open beta stress tests.

    But yeah, basically pullin all of this out of my ass, save the part about this comming weekend.

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  • GormokGormok memphis, TNPosts: 379Member

    If we look at the pattern all of the beta weekends have been on U.S. holidays, so we can bet that the next one will be on Thanksgiving weekend. Also that weekend could possibly be the last beta weekend, no open beta has been plan, but they did state in the past that there would be no open beta. With the massive weekend beta coming up there really is no need for an open beta, pretty much everybody can get in. Here's a quote about the upcoming weekend possible being the last, and the link to said quote.


    Will this be the final Beta Testing Weekend?

    Currently, we expect it to be.

  • RoinRoin Baltimore, MDPosts: 3,260Member Uncommon

    I hope so. I need my TOR fix again after the last beta weekend. Going to only play IA this time, with Sniper AC.

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  • Biggus99Biggus99 Mesa, AZPosts: 916Member

    My guess is November 25th.  

  • DistopiaDistopia Baltimore, MDPosts: 20,189Member Epic

    I'd have to agree with the Thanksgiving speculation. Seems to be the best weekend coming up to do it to me.

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  • rygar218rygar218 altamonte springs, FLPosts: 332Member Uncommon

    Yeah seems like it. Thanksgiving weekend. 

  • whilanwhilan Everett, WAPosts: 3,471Member Uncommon

    Seems that way based on what the contents of Distopia thread was, i thought maybe they start on the 24th and go to sunday but they look like they want to start on the 25th and go to monday (got work on monday so that day is shot for TOR, gonna be mostly over by the time i get home.

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  • DrDwarfDrDwarf TeesidePosts: 475Member

    Consider the NDA.

    Less time afterthe beta stress before launch is less time for story spoliers to proliferate.


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