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Rift is my WOW killer, Hurrah

MackehMackeh LondonPosts: 164Member

I played WOW 6 years, I tried WAR, AOC, LOTR, CO, STO and DCUO but all fizzled out ater the first month of play and I always returned to WOW.

I tried the Rift demo and was not really impressed, BUT when I got over how shit the main city is and got my head around all the different stuff like Artifacts and Favour, I started to get into it.  I then rolled my favourite WOW character, a Rogue and it was this that totally got me.  It's like Rift has taken all the things that made WOW great and left out all the things that made WOW shit.  This is Vanilla WOW, it really is and for that reason I totally love it and have purchased the full game.

It looks better, plays better and sounds better.  My Rogue is awesome, so much better to play than my WOW Rogues, the stealthing is brilliant, just how it was in WOW before the nerf stick arrived.  The Rifts add unique atmosphere, the first time I saw one I was mining some Tin in a lush green forest with birds singing, nice and relaxed....all of a sudden a huge noise started above me, the sky went black, the birds stopped singing and I went WTF!!  This huge Rift appeared right next to me with mobs coming out of it, incredible, I was jaw dropped :)

The Wold PvP is great, the BG's are fun and the crafting is really good, the AH is better the NPC's are better and the monsters you fight look incredible, the animations are top drawer.

I am quite suprised people play this then go back to WOW as IMO WOW is terrible now, the zones lack atmosphere, the flying mounts ruined world pvp and the game looks shite with a capital S.  Maybe it's because I don't like PvE, I hardly did any raiding in WOW and so it's those people that don't like Rift.  However if like me you love Wold PvP then Rift is a great game, far better at it than WOW. 

So farewell WOW, you were great to me in the early days but now RIP  I have a new land to conquer and it looks 100 times better :)


  • delete5230delete5230 Posts: 3,664Member Rare

    Rift is a good mmo.  It's a lot in many ways like WoW such as the open world and many class builts can be the same as WoW.

    If you would like to built a Rogue EXACTILY like a WoW Rogue watch this YouTube : 


    The only things that make it   " not a WoW killer is "

    - leveling to 50 is a pure solo game, you can not group with anyone because of the chain quest. Do quest 1 get quest 2.

    -The World is smaller than even Venella wow. With only two starting zones, one for each side.


  • PangentorPangentor Gardner, ILPosts: 129Member

    Obviously a kid who liked playing with a box rather than the toy that came in the box.

  • NaralNaral Solway, MNPosts: 751Member Uncommon

    I currently play RIFT, and like it. That said, it is a very fast game, even played casually. It took me a lot longer to get through the first 60 levels of WoW when I first started than it did for me to get through the first 50 in RIFT. 

    The world also feels so small to me. I still like the game, and have played since launch, but for me it just doesnt have the staying power. Right now I am pretty much playing it while killing time until SWTOR and GW2 come out.


  • VirusDancerVirusDancer Brandon, FLPosts: 3,649Member Uncommon

    Much like Blizzard was the WoW Killer in my experience, Trion was the RIFT Killer for me.

    Blizzard took 5 years to do it.

    Trion took 7 months to do it.

    I've never had another game be a game killer - if something new came along that I wanted to play, it got added to the rotation.  Games left that rotation because of things that game's developers did - not because of what another game's developers did.

    I miss the MMORPG genre. Will a developer ever make one again?

    Explorer: 87%, Killer: 67%, Achiever: 27%, Socializer: 20%

  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon

    Rift really wasn't the wow killer for me, although I play Rift.  Blizzard did it with WotLK (and started with TBC).  After my legendary (oranges) became absolutely worthless when TBC came out, then they did it again with WotLK.  I'm done with WoW.  From what I've seen with Rift, instead of having an expansion like Cataclysm, that changes the world (not all of it though) Trion comes out with mini-expansions with every update.  Adding more content than Blizzard could dream of.  The next one is adding a new island, with even larger epic invasions.  And it should be a blast.  I hear alot of people say they don't like the whole rift and invasion system, but I can't get enough of it.  My only real complaint is that I wish the Rifts were more randomly generated, having one spawn inside Meridian would be awesome!  From what i've read, the new island is going to be doing this, rifts will spawn completely random...WOOT


    P.S. Another thing that I love about Rift is how hard raids are.  It's not like WoW, where you expect to wipe the first couple of months (or some raids not at all), then a level 1 noobie can run through the raid once everyone knows the timing.  Boss battles for the most part are completely random.  you never really know when the boss is going to do thier next ability, and some battles you won't know what ability that is.  In Rift you go into a raid expecting to wipe, but hoping to win.  With the planar dragons breaking through, hope is all we have! :)

  • SuperXero89SuperXero89 Amory, MSPosts: 2,551Member Uncommon

    I don't understand how you can say Rift "plays" better or "sounds" better -- especially sounds better.  Rift barely has any soundtrack whatsoever.

    Then you say the animations are the top of the line, which is either entirely false or a statement made without knowledge of very many other MMOs.

    [Mod Edit]

  • DLangleyDLangley Beaumont, TXPosts: 1,407Member

    Let's not bait other users guys.


  • Biggus99Biggus99 Mesa, AZPosts: 916Member

    Vanilla Wow : Rift :: St. Louis BBQ : The McRib



  • ManestreamManestream PrestonPosts: 714Member Uncommon

    I was in the CB for Rift, right then and there i thought it would only be a game for 1-2 months play at the most in 1 period, after that it would be a month here and there. I then was lucky to win a digital download copy of the game (i was still undecided whether to get it or not). I played my month and have only dropped in the game once since, that was with a free weekend comeback and saw that out of 2 guilds (dioff servers) only 4 in 1 guild had logged in recently (rest had not logged in for at least 2-3 mths, the other had about 7. Both guilds had quite a number of players and neither of my RL friends were going to get the game after trialing it out for a week.

    Right now, i am beginning to think it may be worth just walkign away from online games for say the next 5 yrs, maybe then something decent would have come about (thats if teh PC is still around by then).

  • popinjaypopinjay Northeast, PAPosts: 6,539Member

    Originally posted by Mackeh  My Rogue is awesome, so much better to play than my WOW Rogues, the stealthing is brilliant, just how it was in WOW before the nerf stick arrived. 

    Ahh.. that explains it.

    Rift's rogue class is currently the FOTM, that's why you like the game.

    Just some friendly advice: If you were smart, you'd immediately stop playing rogues and start leveling a mage right now. Just a little tip; you've been warned.

  • SarbocabrasSarbocabras Peachland, BCPosts: 257Member

    I have to agree with you, rift isn't my new "WoW" but it is the game im curently sinking a lot of my time into. That being said I haven't found another MMORPG that I have enjoyed this much without being at a constant warfare with the developers regarding in game problems. Granted, I've only been playing for a month and a half and could easily drop it if SWTOR lives up to all of the hype.  But so far  Rift looks extremely promising for at least a couple more months especially with Ember Isles on the rise. Anyhow that's my two cents, I hope Trion does really well and lives through Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

  • ThunderballsThunderballs WallsendPosts: 365Member

    Originally posted by DLangley

    Let's not bait other users guys.

    No let's.

    if you are going to stiffle debate what is the point of any of us spending our time posting on your site and contributing to it's commercial success ?

    He expressed an opinion we should be able to critique it.




    Caveat Emptor

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