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Warrning U will get ganked greefed over and over.

WarWitchWarWitch charlotte, NCPosts: 124Member Uncommon

This is one of those very fun games to play untill you hit level 40.

Then u will be pvped over and over by players 50 levels above you. To the point you cannot quest and advance.

Gamigo knows about this issue and is not adressing it in any way.

its a shame it could be a fun pve game, they could put in war zones etc or have war events.

So just know befor you play and spend rl cash on the game past 40 u can be killed at any time u leave a town and looted and it will cost you to repair as well.

The game does offer a flexable advancement system with cash shop pets mounts updrades and reskills etc.

Theis is no usa server as well an maney report lag as a main issue as well.

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