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pointer freezes kalonline

hi! i don't know if this is the right part of the forum for this, but i have a problem with kalonline for about 2-3 days by now. when i enter the game, my graphic card's cooler startes to go a bit faster, but it should be normal but it kinda make a strange sound too like a whistle at low frequency....and after i select char every time i move the pointer the game freeze for a small ammount of time, it's not regular, it goes from 30-40ms to 1sec i thinck, but i can't play the game.....i try to reinstall my graphic card driver and try to change settings to performance over quality, tryed to overboost the graphic card, but nothing changes it and i don't really know what to do....if some1 could help it would be cool  :P :) thx


motherboard: gigabyte p55-ud3

intel core i5 2.67GHz

graphic: ati radeon saphire HD 4800 1Gb

OS: win xp SP3


  • tekniko64tekniko64 Abbotsford, BCPosts: 58Member
    Have you tried cleaning out your video card fan? Have you tried reinstalling the game?


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