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Trial restrictions lifted, attributes removed and recent news

Calvin_PrptmCalvin_Prptm BudapestPosts: 1Member

Trial restrictions:

The rather rigorous trial limitations have been lifted in the game. Now all new users - and everyone with a currently inactive account - get 15 days of free game time, during which their only contraints are that they can not transfer money to other players and can not found their own corporations. This should be a significant improvement to the first user experience of a game that focuses very distinctly on player run corporations.

Attributes removed, interchangeable sparks introduced:

As promised a few weeks ago, character attributes were removed from the game. They were percieved as a long term limiting factor and an annoyance for old players and a short term confusing factor for new ones. Details can be found here:

Also, sparks - the nanobots that represent the manifestation of Agents on planet Nia - have become interchangeable and give permanent bonuses depending on their type. Details can be found here:

Distress beacons:

New PVE content is also available in the form of alien distress beacons, that send out emergency signals, thereby summoning backup rescue forces that can be ambushed by players. Details  can be found here, video included:

New animations:

Only the first one of these is ready and in the game - namely the starting robot called Arkhe -, but it is looking very imperssive. Check it out here:

The first year anniversary of Perpetuum is coming on the 25th of November and along with some surprise birthday events, Intrusion 2.0 will be launched. Intrusions are the way for player corporations to capture outposts and the new system should add a lot to the PVP aspect of the game. Along with this, outposts will provide new bonuses, making them really worthwhile to foght for.

More news coming up during November. See you in game!


  • marinridermarinrider Tomball, TXPosts: 1,556Member Uncommon

    Some good stuff!  I like the new animations on that arkhe. Looks quite a bit more fluid and not so jittery.  Keep it up guys.

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