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pros and cons

bigwingsbigwings PloiestiPosts: 3Member

 PROS : well ...  the only reason i chose to play it was because of the large number of classes u can get . it was something new when i started not like those other games where you get 3-5 classes and u get stuck with them till the game rans out from the market .

u get 15 classes here to chose from. so if u get bored u can start a new one or if u dont mind spending some cash u can rebirth to other class from your tree branch.

bad part is u cannot rebirth to another tree branch for example if u are assura u only can rebirt as assura class type and not deva but hell is a change right ? .

also the pet sistem is nice i mean hell u got to chose from 5 tier types pets (well u have to aspire to tier 5 lol) with diff abilities tanks/m.atk/p.atack etc. U can overbreed them combine them for a stronger type (only the same type pets can combine) equipp them with armors and weapons etc.

CONS: the game is actualy expencive for 50 $ u get shit lol... maybe a 90 days hidden village pass where u can get some buffs and sell your stuff to npc for more cash or buy them for less ...and get teleported cheaper around the world . so it`s not that much of a big deal. it could cost u up to 2-3k $ to get a tier 5 pet tamed yea .... IT`S A CASH MAKING MACHINE FOR GPOTATO but hey ... everybody has to eat right ?

hell i`m playing Pantera PVP server cuz i want action and a i`m a decent r7 champ worked my way u in like 3 years or so casual playing lol.. i`m not a maniac but .. if i`m not a maniac it doesnt mean no one is so u better watch out for top $ spending ppl when u ran in to a dungeon cuz if u die u might drop your stuff or your pet weapon/armor and if they are expencive that`s a loss for u. point is new players are subject of pkers for the equippment drops . on top of that u also lose  exp if u dont have lak

another con is that the game was launched 5 years ago so i dont know what engine they use but it`s pretty old that means system requirements are prety hight and sometimes u get prety lagy especialy in dungeon partyes and sieges

eh well those were my thoughts so feel free to comment





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  • RevofireRevofire Melbourne, FLPosts: 262Member Uncommon

    Thank you very much for this review. :) I may just look at this.

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