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Switching to Freemium: Differences between publishers

WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOPosts: 2,712Member Uncommon

So, two of the games I play are getting ready to transistion to a Freemium model: DCUO and STO. I've been following the developments of each one very closely and it's interesting to see the different approches each one is taking. Granted this is only comparing these two as they are the only two that I was actively playing during the switching process so I'm not real sure how any of the other companies handled their switches.

SOE seems to be all about getting it done now(!). While PW/Cryptic is taking their time and basically relaunching the game. SOE added a robust cosmetic cash shop last night with a few convienience items for good measure, but they don't seem to be adding any content to speak of for the swtich itself. PW/Cryptic has "re-aligned" their CS with a stong emphasis on convienience items and, dare I say, P2W ships? SOE has stated that there will be more convienience items added when the F2P switch takes place; respec tokens, slots and the like.

The test server for STO has been active and frequently updated for testing all of the new features that will be added when F2P goes live. Granted, most of the new features have been in development for months and pre-date the F2P announcement, but it's still good to see they are going to finish them before the conversion. SOE, on the other hand, has been tight-lipped about any new additions the game will have come F2P-day. They hinted at having the next DLC ready for the change and basically said that whatever is in-game now, will be what you'll be able to play after the conversion, including Fight for the Light. PW seems to be pushing Cryptic to shore up its game by fixing some now 2-year old problems (starting zone, crafting, currency); though Klingons will still not be fully fleshed out at the switch.

All-in-all, I find it interesting to see how each publisher is handling the switch and how each one will go about operating their game after the switch. It seems to me that PW/Cryptic is going to try to have all content free for play while almost forcing people to use the CS to get the most out of their experience. Meanwhile, SOE seems to be going a slightly different route by having a CS that is also nearly necessary to get the most out of the content while also requiring that all new content be purchased to be played (I reallize that they've hinted at free updates as well, but, like I said, tight-lipped).

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  • UhwopUhwop Wilm, DEPosts: 1,778Member Uncommon

    I've been waiting for DCUO to switch over myself.  I bought and played the game up till the hacking that brought PSN down. 

    I tried the EQ2: extended to see how it was.  I was a subscriber to EQ2 for several years, and the freemium version is unplayable to me.  I hope they do a better job with DCUO.

    I personally like the way NCsoft did CoH, another game I subed to for several years.  SoE's freemium model for EQ2 feels like they were trying to think of any way possible to get people to spend money, either in the shop or by resubbing to the game; I don't hold it against them, they do have a business to run.  NCsoft's model actually rewards previous players, and at the same time encourages you to spend some money to unlock things.  SoE made it pretty much neccesary to spend money, NCsoft made it all feel optional.

    Lineage 2 is the other one I'm really waiting for.  One of my favorite MMO's.  I hope they do as good a job with the F2P model as they did with CoH's.

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