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For those worried about the grind, Raven server has heaps of 200% XP boosts

ringdanyringdany New York, NYPosts: 122Member

I saw some posters were worried that RO is difficult to grind to say level 30+.

You are useful in pvp say above level 30 (conjus above lvl 20 are useful) and getting to level 30 is pretty fast just on quests.

For those who do not like grinding, you should know that Raven server, which is the international english based server alongisde Horus) offers a great deal of xp boosts. About 50% of the server time is spent under XP Boosts ranging from 75% - 200%. Recently they have all been 200% boosts. When not on xp boosts, they have loot drop boosts and server wide events (mainly war and mob spawns). This is all run by Raven's GMs who are basically paid to be on all the time and are very visible helping new players out.

So for new players here are all the servers you could join :-

Raven (international, english, slghtly smaller population, lots of gms, xp boosts)

Horus (international, english. older server, big population not many gms at all)

Nifhelm (? spelling) : german server  thk can only be accessed from inside germany

Nevus (spelling???): french server only accessible from inside France I think

Ra : the original big daddy Argentinian server which has a massive population. Everyone speaks spanish there, but i think its only accessible from Argentina and maybe Spain (not sure).


hope that helps.



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