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So... what did you vote for the Heal class names?

mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaacePosts: 2,764Member Uncommon

Did you pick the commonly used ones they thesaurus'd or what was the other one you came up with?


  • xaid00xaid00 denton, TXPosts: 4Member Common

    i submitted battlesmith for autobots and artifice for decepticons

  • WolfHaartWolfHaart =][=Posts: 216Member Uncommon

    I was tired, so I took my own (not the best) names.


    Autobot - Techobot

    Decepticon - Mastercon

  • SirAgravaineSirAgravaine Posts: 235Member Uncommon

    Medic for Autobots, because that is precisely what Ratchet was: Medical Officer

    Informer for Decepticons, because it sounds deceptive enough

  • SirBalinSirBalin Joppa, MDPosts: 1,253Member Uncommon

    I tried to think of something totally different, in fact...they were so different that I don't recall what they were, lol

    "You're either with us or against us"

  • TenacioTenacio Beamsville, ONPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    I went for retro names for the healers,


    Autobots = Pioneer, the first battlefiedl engineers

    Decepticons = Overseer, seemed like a good oposite to Pioneer.

  • JudgeThaneJudgeThane Funky Town, TXPosts: 63Member Uncommon

    I used WarTech for Autobots and BattleMaster for Decepticons. Yes I know the names are similiar as I don't expect them to use either but they could use one, who knows.

  • KrenubisKrenubis Glenpool, OKPosts: 3Member

    i went with sergeon for autobot

  • moosecatlolmoosecatlol Boring, TXPosts: 1,281Member Uncommon

    Voted "RandySavage" for the Autobots, and "John Wilkes Booth" for the Decepticons.

  • PanzakatPanzakat MartmeesterstraatPosts: 24Member

    Originally posted by PrinceDamien

    I was tired, so I took my own (not the best) names.
    Autobot - Techobot
    Decepticon - Mastercon

    lol almost exactly the same..

    went for Technobot and mechacon... While trying really hard to resist the temptation to write healbot in the 1st box... because I can see lfg channel...  looking for tank dps and healbot /pst....

  • SirBalinSirBalin Joppa, MDPosts: 1,253Member Uncommon

    I just wanted to bump the thread because I want this community staying active, really excited for this mmo

    "You're either with us or against us"

  • FaelsunFaelsun Brandon, MSPosts: 492Member Uncommon

    Probably medic or some kind of Engineering spec or Eng offshoot. I imagine they wont go over the top on the Functions. Assault, Engineering, Gunner, Medic, Defensive/Offensive Tactician, Troop Transport ETC. Functions always exists when their is a need if their is no need then it probably wont be in game. I imagine Fucntion will = Class or specialty and their will be custization within that class. Some stats like Courage wont be in game because its not a text based rpg so they will scrap that. Honestly I imagine few people will want to be a medic starting off, so what you will see is an assortment of available medical bays at your disposal if I had to guess. 

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