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WishMeisterWishMeister PortoPosts: 100Member Uncommon

We are the KINGS!

Kings - A clan for Travelers only.

We are a Traveler clan with members mainly in upper levels of 50+, we have a few still in sector 1 & the mid-sectors at the moment & slowly reaching sector 3. 

Our family consists of players from mainly the US and a few UK/EUR. There are among us, PvPers, Crafter/Social Toons, Traders, Riflemen, Pistoleers and or Melee Players. 

Who Are We Recruiting?

We currently are focusing in recruiting players that are PvP minded. (Casual PvPers and Crafters are welcome.) 

We are looking for that PvPer that lives on the edge everyday killing the enemy. 

The Traveler that sneaks into the enemies’ back yard and scavenges their precious resources and on its way out, thanks them with a shank in their back! 

If you are interested in joining us, here are some basic rules & requirements: 

We ask that you be matured about things when it matters, have a sense of humor.

Must have a thick skin and we can avoid the drama.

Do have Fun whenever possible and as much as possible. 

Upon Joining you must be: 

¤ Traveler and or plan to be a Traveler with-in a reasonable time frame... 

¤ Must be level 10+ 

¤ And for The love of Yellow chips, be 18+ years of age...

¤ You must be able to use Ventrilo and have a working mic if you intend to PvP. 

¤ Must be active, not 24/7 but active.

We will only take on players that are fully committed to having fun in the PvP or PvE scene. You have to be willing to make the effort that it takes to power level, craft, scavenge, grind and PvE or PvP. We can discuss more about the guilds rules one on one before you join, or if you have any other questions...

Any one wishing to join, you will need to get in contact with us in-game. Either by a "Tell", Mail, or better yet talk to a Traveler clone that is part of the Kings family and last, here in the forums.

Contacts in-game by tell or by mail, 

¤ King Vee

¤ Vaako

¤ Baarts

¤ Push

¤ Lumps

¤ Fouled Anchor

¤ Ironblade

¤ Kings family member



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