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Allods Online: Undaunted Update Deployed

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,001MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Allods Online players in both the EU and NA will have the opportunity to log in and check out the new "Undaunted" content update that brings several key features on board.

Most significantly, Undaunted brings Survival Mode into the game as well as new classes and an overhauled new player experience.

  • New Player Experience: The fatigue system has been removed at the game's lowest levels. Monster health has been adjusted but "takes none of the bite out of Allods’ famously tough monsters."

  • New Classes: Elven psionicist and Xadaganian mage

  • Survival Mode: Players who kill the most monsters and survive the longest will receive permanent rewards.

Check out a preview of one of the new Undaunted dungeons on the Allods Online site.




  • Mississauga, ONPosts: 912Member Uncommon

    The real question is ... is it still P2W?

  • TyranosinTyranosin AmsterdamPosts: 56Member

    Originally posted by marzatplay

    The real question is ... is it still P2W?


    yea indeed,

    if so I still won't play

    cuz it's a fakin awesome game but just the p2w made it suck for me.

    and the funny part was the horse cost 15 bucks dunno if it's still that way though


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