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Darkfall could learn a lot about gameplay from the moors now

marcustmarcust AdelaidePosts: 491Member Uncommon

I had a great time today playing a creep (orc) in monsterplay on the crickhollow server.

We have tons of people creating reavers on the creep side (it takes a couple of hours for a free to play person to have a freep at level 10 which is the only starting requirement) and have built ourselves a little army to fight the VIP freeps out there.

Years ago I ran a guild in Lineage2 and we took a castle and held it for 3 months, that was the best territory control gameplay I had seen until this week. I am not saying this is better, but it does match it.

Darkfall is a great game that I would still be playing if it wasnt for the 300 ping for aussies, but there is so much dead time in Darkfall between the fun bits. With ROI you can quest in the moors as a creep, get your skills up, and know that there is some freep on a horse that can pound you at any minute. And when you start turning over the map locations with a good coordinated group its well worth the effort. It also starts feeling satisfying when you rank high enough to not die to freeps.

I've played MMO's for a long time and have been bored for the last year or so, but I've found something thats fun again now.

Will it stay this way, I dont know, but Turbine have done a good job on the pve side of the game and the pvp side is improving.

And no I dont work for Turbine :)




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