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Does anybody remember this game?

lennpelllennpell madawaska, MEPosts: 111Member Uncommon

I don't know the name, or anything thats why I am here hoping to find it out so I can conquer it and not feel terrible about myself.

There was this game I played 5-8 years ago and it had poor graphics and it was a type of game that you walked around on a full map, but you could run into an enemy and youd get into a smaller scenario to fight all those monsters, if I remember correctly it came on like a game arcade CD and it was actually quite fun. It was not an MMO, and when you died in the game it had this crazy death scream thing. I remember I died to spiders often. 


I ask because I got beaten so badly in that game and I know now with my extensive skill in gaming that I could finally conquer it.


Thank you so much if you can remember it,


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