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Runes of Magic Area of Service

winrehswinrehs San fernandoPosts: 6Member

Well, I played RoM months ago in our area (Philippines) under a certain company. When I decided to come back, I've found out that they closed the game or  whatever you call it.

I just want to know what version would I be able to play RoM. I'm currently residing here in the Philippines.


Thanks in advance.




  • Montana_MikeMontana_Mike Kalispell, MTPosts: 20Member

    Frogster supports several threads on their official forums about how to bypass the IP ban.  If you want to avoid any legal hassles yourself from the publisher that own the exclusive license to your country, then avoid a public forum post and just PM the players on the Frogster forums that flaunt the fact that Frogster still allows them to play on a Frogster server from the IP blocked countries.


    edit: Although at this point, with Frogster ALREADY scaling back it's Rune of Magic operation, you might be better off staying with the legal Publisher that owns the exclusive license to service your region, anyway.

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