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LF game...again

NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon

Hi, Im looking for a game once again as the games of late have not furfilled my gaming needs..


I was playing age of conan..which i beleive to be an awesome game but, The lack of grouping finally got to me and i decided to move on..I moved back to World of warcraft for my grouping "quick fix" but quickly reaslised that, although frequent, lacked substance and purpose..within a few days maxed out everything i needed to, and the game once again became staile.


Which brings me to the present, I want a game that fosters strong community and meaningfull group content. you know, more of a "We" and less of an "I". Eve is ideal in this regard imo, but havnt had much luck with grouping, coupled with the fact i cant do anyting active to advance my character while not in fleet.  Im pretty sure alot of other ppl want what im talking about, but sadly i dont think it exists.


"But salvation is on the way"- i dont think swtor with its promise of personal questing is gona fix my problem, nor is GW2's "dynamic grouping" with its " i dont care who you are aslong as i can pop in and get what i need done"  teamwork. 


was thinking about picking up FFXI, FFIV, Earthrise and Darkfall.. or returning to EvE, Fallenearth.

So, any help or suggestions would be great... 


Thanks, Mellkor

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  • enticleenticle Kelowna, BCPosts: 32Member

    Well I'm currently playing darkfall, been playing it on and off since the NA server released a couple years back. I don't think you'll get your quick fix with this game. I'm assuming you just want to login and have people to play with and head out right away, with next to no downtime (I haven't played the other games you listed so I don't really know what you're talking about.)


    That said, grouping is huge in this game but unless you have friends to join with or find players to play with, you will be solo most the time. Every guild who accepts newer players usually just leave them on there own since they don't want to waste there time helping them out since it's not beneficial to themselves and most just end up quitting anyways. Not to say they won't answer your questions or take you out once in awhile to do cool shit, but mainly it will be, 'just head there and kill these to skill up.' The game has a smaller community and lots of negativity surrounding it regarding a wipe of the server with the relaunch of darkfall 2.0. Which is supposidly coming 'soon' but I will just leave it at that, since that's all we know (been waiting since last year for this...)


    This is still the best mmorpg I've ever played since I've found a great clan to play with and I role around with friends killing people and farming mobs. We also siege cities once or twice a week and have awesome large scale fights, sometimes including ships. Depending what you make of darkfall and how you go about playing it, you will either love it or hate it. It's a really tough game to get into at first but once you experience the rush of rolling around in small scale combat or even siege warfare you'll finally realize what you're missing out on (if you're into that.)


    Part 1

    Part 2

    That's one of my favorite videos of the game, now a year old but it shows a lot of different dynamics that can happen with this game. That bastard is still playing too, he's kicked my ass to many times :P


    Also saw that you're from Australia. You will have 250+ ping to either the NA or EU server and that will make the game pretty much unplayable for you seeing how this is basically a fps game. You'd be better off waiting for DF 2.0 relaunch along with the asian server.

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