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Runes of Magic: Latest Patch Brings New Content & Features

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,044MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The latest Runes of Magic patch notes (v4.0.2) have been posted on the official site. The patch brings new content, several in-game events and features to the game.

Players now have the "Instance Transport System" which, once earned, can automatically move them into a chosen instance. The cost for using the system is 200 mementos and one transport rune.

In addition, the planting system now offers some terrific rewards for trying it out. Players have the opportunity to score different levels of speed and luck potions to assist the growth of plants.

Several events have been added to the game: Fairy Tale Event, Little Angel Love, Little Demon Mischief, Magical Nautilus Shell and more are now available for player participation.

Lastly, Runes of Magic has partnered with Overwolf to bring "Magic Hub" into the game as a way for players to participate in a variety of social media applications from within the game.

Full patch notes and descriptions of new content and events can be found on the Runes of Magic page.



  • Lovely_LalyLovely_Laly genevaPosts: 734Member

    How great: more money to spent on item shop items, this game is real shame...

    try before buy, even if it's a game to avoid bad surprises.
    Worst surprises for me: Aion, GW2

  • SilverbarrSilverbarr AberdeenPosts: 306Member

    Originally posted by Lovely_Laly

    How great: more money to spent on item shop items, this game is real shame...

    Out of curiosity how do you expect a F2P game to make money for continued development without having a real money shop?


    It may not be ideal - though neither is a subscription model either to be perfectly honest, but it is the future of MMO development.



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  • OziiusOziius Baltimore, MDPosts: 1,398Member Uncommon

    I agree... they have to have people spend money.. that's kinda the point. I think they have a very descent game on their hands. If you don't dig cash shops, but pay a sub game. I do.

  • huskerman34huskerman34 Minneapolis, MNPosts: 247Member Uncommon

    Dude they make mad cash so dont worry about that. If it wasnt feasible then it wouldnt be made. Not every one is that stupid. I played alot of these f2p based game and people will buy anything. If it was subscription based they would loose money. 

    Edgar F Greenwood

  • jay8118jay8118 shelby, MIPosts: 29Member

    Originally posted by Lovely_Laly

    How great: more money to spent on item shop items, this game is real shame...



    When is it free nowadays to run servers.....




    here's your sign

  • NoobkilarNoobkilar streator, ILPosts: 175Member

    pay to win, simple as that. RoM was alway this and nothing more.

  • dreamsfadedreamsfade Columbia, MOPosts: 322Member Uncommon

    like noobkiller said. rom is one of those f2p games where you have to spend money in the cash shop if you want to progress and enjoy the game at the later stages of it.

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