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How I would improve Rift

Z3R01Z3R01 NYC, NYPosts: 2,426Member Uncommon


What I would do to make the game more enjoyable for myself. Obviously this is of my own opinion and im sure others will disagree with me. 

1) Bring back the hard expert mode dungeons & old expert daily system

The game was much more fun when the content was a challenge. It gave smaller guilds a feeling of progression, now all t1 and t2 dungeons feel like this easy mode grind where the content is simply in the way because you need hundreds of plaques for armor. More of a challenge, less need to repeat a dungeon two hundred times would be good.

2) More Crafting jobs

Whats in the game is good but we need way more. Right now markets are saturated because everyone can easily just skill up a level 7 alt and be a master crafter. that needs to change also all crafting should be limited to level. Personally i would add in cooking, cosmetic crafts, and more consumable crafts along with fishing as a gathering job.

3) Alternate Character Advancement

This is already being added to the game but ive wanted this since day 1. We need a way to progress our characters outside of raids and WFs.

4) More leveling paths

Telara opens up around level 35, it gives you a couple options but before that its extremely linear. we need to have at least one new zone for every 10 levels so the world actually feels big. These could bring new rift content, factions and more T1, T2 and maybe even T3 dungeons. The world needs to be bigger both the leveling and only having three endgame zones makes the game extremely limiting as a person who likes to explore and quest.

5) Chill out with the fucking cookie cutter events

Do we really need to use the same corner of the city every month for a new event? do we really need to have two or three of the sameish type event dailies inside the cities? Can we not hold off on them and make them feel special. Honestly up to this point all of the events have been forgettable. I couldnt event tell you what they were about.

If you asked me i would say "that was the one that gave me the death glow stone" or "that one gave me the cool skeletor cosmetic mask..." They need to give more of an impact and be less frequent. If you want to add more quest content add a new faction to the game or something we dont need this disposable shit.

6) More reasons to pvp out in the world

Pvp rifts and open world pvp dailies are nice but we need zone specific pvp objectives built into each zone. give us a reason to pvp out there outside just repeating a quest.

7) Minor and major Rift content

Unlike Zone invasions, expert and raid rifts the minor/major rift content is pathetic. its all the same shit over and over.

We need more types, a variety in things to do outside killing three stages of mobs and two boss stages over and over. What happened to puzzle rifts? maybe have a rift spawn a quest hub for a few hours that people could complete. All i know it that it needs to be better because they are all the same.


I want more rewards for this stuff, I want titles, cosmetics, mounts, glowing weapon stones, pets. I want a real reason to do these things. right now what they offer is pathetic. give me a reason to progress my achievements right now its as meaningless as a Xbox live achievements...

thanks for reading.


Waiting on:


  • PuremallacePuremallace Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,856Member

    ummmmmmmmmmm agree ...except #1 seems a bit hardcore for me, but opinions. Good ideas really

  • snapfusionsnapfusion San, CAPosts: 954Member

    Nice post, you clearly have spent some time in game.  Rift is one of the most polished games out there, its beautiful and the characters classes are pretty fun to play.  I want to log in because it plays so well and looks so nice. BUT for the reasons you listed I dont really have many INTERESTING things to do once Im in.

    How many dailies can one man take?  How many different currencies do I need to manage?  How many hundreds of times do I have to run the same dungeons or open the same rift to get enough plaques for gear.  I suddenly find myself longing for the days when you only had to run one or TWO dungeons dozens of times waiting for that elusive item to drop rather than all for all of them.  No more lucky drops for us players.  You have to work exactly as hard as everyone else for exaclty the same amount of time for every piece of gear.  its almost as if a sort of socializim has crept into our MMOs. Why can we have it both ways?  Why cant the items drop and tokens issued for the poor saps that dont anything.  At lease I might have a little more motivation to partticipate other than to count my tokens at the end of a dungeon. There is no "chance" you might get the item you want on this run, its outcome has already been determined before you even pull the first mob.  You have aleady busted out your calculator and just accepted the fact they you need  102 more dungeon runs to get X item.  Clearly the shine has worn off the dungeon after 10 plus runs.

    I long for an MMO that can provide me with a more dynamic game experiece besides log in, do your dailies run your dungeons count your tokens, repeat the exact same thing tomorrow.

  • tryklontryklon PortoPosts: 1,370Member Uncommon

    Nice list, but I would also add player housing.

    If well done offcourse. Preferably houses in open world and not instanced to every player, although i know this is very complicated. But there could always be some island where players could buy the area and build their house...


  • WhiteCrossWhiteCross Phoenix, AZPosts: 120Member

    ORvR!    ex: WAR....nuff said

  • PuremallacePuremallace Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,856Member

    Originally posted by WhiteCross

    ORvR!    ex: WAR....nuff said

    This is confusing and it must suck to be Trion. Everyone calls your game a clone, eventhough you did certain things on purpose. They say this bad horrible be new crazy stuff


    First suggestions they get..RVR!!!! Player Housing!!! <--wtf??

  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,610Member Uncommon

    Id like to see footholds turn into large settlements. Like creepy ghost towns for death rifts, jungles for life rifts, caves for earth rifts etc.

    Id like to see rifts that offer crafting resources, recipes, and schematics.

    Id like to be able to enter a rift tear and invade the invaders heh.

  • KhrymsonKhrymson Eorzea, MOPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon

    Some nice suggestions, though you may want to go post this on Trions' forums so hopefully they see it.  They do tend to listen to the community more than any other like forever!

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

    i fiddled a bit so i made use of my graphic card on average instead of some setting this game look is great one of the best i have ever seen!

  • catlanacatlana Houston, TXPosts: 1,677Member

    Originally posted by Khrymson

    Some nice suggestions, though you may want to go post this on Trions' forums so hopefully they see it.  They do tend to listen to the community more than any other like forever!

    QFT! Trion has been excellant about responding to their customer base. This has really impressive. 

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