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Return to Britannia activated - come all ye nostalgics

pwnasauruspwnasaurus San Antonio, TXPosts: 69Member

   Due to the inability to manage your account, all accounts have been reactivated for what one would assume is the next day or two. I, for one, will be taking advantage of this opportunity to romp around the world I once loved. This hasn't inspired me to resub and I do indeed realise that the game is dead to me, but it's always pleasant to rediscover the tinting on those rose glasses. :)

Happy adventuring with or without tears.




  • pwnasauruspwnasaurus San Antonio, TXPosts: 69Member

       Days later I have formed my opinion on the current state of the game - suffice it to say that it's not what I once loved. Being too lazy to expand on the matter, I'll leave it at disappointed. Great to run around, peruse the vendors, explore the new areas, etc, but UO is officially burried from my perspective unless they implement a classic shard. 


    Anyone else who jumped through this two day portal to the old world? Let's hear it!

  • SmartwhoisSmartwhois City of Heroes, DCPosts: 58Member

    The game is so gay now, people won't even log in for free.

    EA sucks at MMOs, and by extension so does UO.

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