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A3: Open Beta Begins!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,205Administrator Uncommon

We have just been notified that the open beta testing phase has begun for A3.  Interested players can sign up at their web site and try out the first-ever English version of this popular game.

To sign up just follow this link!

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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  • VenQWishVenQWish BlandenPosts: 51Member

    Hmmm; looks mighty fine, I'll go try it out, thx for this ::::20::

  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Colorado Springs, COPosts: 2,194Member

    looks like another clone mmo that will go down in flames


  • mastaofmurdamastaofmurda Boston, MAPosts: 55Member

    i just read part of their forums.. seems like a lot of their players are bad at english.. so if u dont like people who are bad at english then us houldnt play this game.. im gonna try it out though.. prob will suck

  • culley65culley65 Austin, TXPosts: 77Member

    the movement and camera angles are horrible, enough to keep me from playing it..seems like another typical and cloned korean MMO (no offense)


  • VenQWishVenQWish BlandenPosts: 51Member

    Damn, so far I have only read bad stuff about this mmo... Guess I'll let it just pass by.

  • bakon2bakon2 northern, CAPosts: 125Member Uncommon

    Please provide Identity Card No.-------really now.  what ID Card # do we have here in US?  anyone have any idea what to put in this area?





    EDIT:  NM, i just entered seven zeros and it worked  :)

  • 92165449216544 Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,904Member

    The music on the site almost put me to sleep.

  • rando310rando310 Steelville, MOPosts: 3Member

    OK..did anyone actually try this game?? I wanna hear opinions, not speculation!

  • rando310rando310 Steelville, MOPosts: 3Member

    Allrighty, another question. I put the 7 0's in the passport section, and completed everything else and hit register, but it doesn't do anyone else able to register successfully? (in US)?

  • mastaofmurdamastaofmurda Boston, MAPosts: 55Member
    i registered fine.. i just entered a 10 number phone number.. im in U.S
  • FindarielFindariel SomewherePosts: 218Member Uncommon

    I had slightly more problems .. but just created another account which worked! :)

    Any more comments? For example that the painstaking levelling up to level 16 happens in just 2 areas and you'll hunt the same monstrs for 4 hours (like I basically did hunt Hemmerds from level 12-16)?? Or that there's not much variety in equipment?

    I very much like the marketplace thing, though. Found the best things at individual sales(wo)men, it could only be a bit less chaotic, f.i. by introducing stalls or areas for specific professions/classes.

  • GodsBurdenGodsBurden Leesburg, VAPosts: 8Member

    honestly, registering to play this game is pretty much a waste of time....

    If ever you wanted to play a game with such a cluttered UI and horrible control and amazingly non-varied gameplay, go for it. Personally i'm probably going to uninstall this game this afternoon.

  • FindarielFindariel SomewherePosts: 218Member Uncommon

    My greatest frustration is the lack of english documentation and the lack of variety in monsters (and absence of bosses); killing 2,000 of the same monster can get a bit tedious. And for starting characters, there's a choice out of just 4 types (which you can't adjust) and the number of different outfits at a cetrain level (for archers) is limited to 2. Concluded: it's a very much simplified game.

    Furthermore, it seems impossible to get the formulas for using the diferent things you find in the game; I ended up asking the other players how things worked. image By now I could already write a manual that far surpasses all english on-line information that I could find. image

    But well .. for a free (open beta) game it isn't so bad, actually. After the few disconnections I had I found everything in place after logging in. Besides: the game isn't hard on your system.

    Graphics aren't very bad either. If you're used to Diablo II and don't take Guildwars as the Standard .. .. :)

    And the level of english is agreeable, every now and then somebody doesn't reply and that's basically it. The great majority of players on the 'english' server seeems to be from Singapore (and speaks reasonable english, (jokingly called 'singlish' by one of them). Next to that I met a number of people from Spain, USA, France and Netherlands and it was fun, too! :).

    Game control isn't so bad, not very different from the usual 'click and run' mechanism. Although I greatly miss the SHIFT = stand-still-and-shoot command from DII for my archer. She tends to run to and behind the monsters in stead of firing at a distance.

    But no, I do not think that there's a great european/USA market for this game. Al least if it's no longer free. Fow now I think it's a resonable alteranative if you don't want to pay for a mmorpg and don't like the sf setting of Anarchy Online and want to do something before Guild Wars is released (of course I speak for myself)! image 

  • steelmagesteelmage TallinnPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    No way!image

    That game rules.!!image~ its good for those who had played Pristona Tale , Mu Online....

    Its not like RYL(sux).... almost no players...its not difficult...MANY QUESTS(thats the best part of the game!)...not so hard to get lvl... many different locations(sunny beaches,dungeons,deserts,hell &so1...U can play with : 1)Warrior 2)Mage 3)Holy Knight(paladin) 4)Elf(archer)...

    ...So i really recomend u all to play that game!!!   


                                                                                                           Your Steelmageimage...

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