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Chains of Kluer Expansion Out Now,,,,?

KrelianKrelian GöteborgPosts: 384Member Uncommon

Well, the title says it all, IMO:D.

The new expansion along with the ''mounted combat'' features etc out and playable now`?

AND IF SO, what are your experiences of the mounted combat system in the game, as well as your general satisfaction of the Cash Shop?

Im asking coz this game, along with aion and wow and aoc are the ones that i intend to play soon (will pick one)

I think Forsaken world seems kinda interesting in its own way because of some of its ''unique-ish'' race+class combos, and its opportunity to engage in mounted combat (aoc also has it, i guess)


BUT IF* the new update is not out yet, OR the update is out, but generally (for mounts and stuff etc) the cash shop costs are MORE than 10$-15$ a month, than ill prolly have to look elsewhere.

Thank you all for the answers!!

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