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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online: Super Hero Squad Online: Fun for All Ages

DrewDrew Toronto, ONPosts: 434Member's Carolyn Koh takes a dive into the Marvel Universe with her look at the forthcoming kids' MMO, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Now in Open Beta, see what Carolyn had to say about the anticipated children's title when she got her hands on it.

There are three “cities” kids can play in right now, the Daily Bugle, Baxterville and Asgard, with Villainville coming in August. One of the goals of the game is to collect as many heroes as you can. You start off with a few and the others are earned, unlocked with in-game cash or with micro-transaction currency. A new character is released every week, a new boss mission every month, and a new city every quarter, with more than one version of a character as well as characters carrying items that reflect on the storyline progress of the cartoon series.

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  • KebeckKebeck Rouyn-Noranda, QCPosts: 323Member

    I really see this game as a test for the real thing, which is Marvel Universe.. And from what I hear, I'm pretty confident on Gazillion.. Think they're doing a good job with the IP..

  • JaxaarJaxaar Rogers, ARPosts: 73Member

    my 7 year old brother would LOVE this game.. xD


  • OSF8759OSF8759 Riverside, CAPosts: 284Member

    It works for a kiddie game but has nearly zero appeal to the adult gamer. That this is the direction they are taking the adult Marvel MMO makes me frustrated.

  • aaronfabyaaronfaby Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1Member

    I play this game wth my 4 year old son. He loves it, and it's a nice activity to do together.

  • augustgraceaugustgrace Cottonwood, CAPosts: 624Member Uncommon

    I'm 31 and I like playing occasionally.  The chance to play as a hero that I've been reading about for years is nice.  Would be nice if they added a bit more to the game.

  • marcuslmmarcuslm Louisville, KYPosts: 263Member Uncommon

    My 7 yr old son ha been playing and he likes it however......WAY too much stuff is locked down unless you put up the cash and become an "Agent". I don't know how many times I've heard "I can't do X because you have to be an Agent".

    It's pretty bad when a 7 yr old can see how restricted the free players are.

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