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Requiem.exe has stopped working.

TairhaTairha Den HaagPosts: 1Member

Heya ppl,


I recently have downloaded this game and installed it, updated it and when i started the game it crashes right away. Getting "Requiem.exe has stopped working". I have been reading about the problem and saw that there are more ppl with the same problem. Have tried so many things and im tired of it and still havent get a salution for it. Saw a topic that i had to add the game to my Comodo ++ Defence, saw a other topic about starting the game as Administrator. All of it didnt work, so please help.


Running Windows 7 64bit.  

Intel i7, Geforce GTx 295, 6GB Ram DDR5




  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,403Member Rare

    When a game immediately crashes on open, that means there is a driver issue.  So the things you should be looking at are updating your video drivers; uninstalling the game, deleting the install file, doing a clean disk to remove old install data ghost, redownloading the game from, and reinstalling.  If you did a full check this will corrupt your client, so you will need to reinstall the game using the above steps.

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