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New Changes I'm intrigued about...are they already in ?

evianwaterevianwater New Braunfels, TXPosts: 308Member Uncommon

I've been doing some research and came across a few interesting tidbits that I've been waiting for after SOE Fan faire. First was the talk of "mercenaries" similar to eq1, has there been any rumoured date for those ? The next is the Group tool (a la Rift/World of Warcraft) is that it yet ? that was one thing I was really hoping SOE would add.



If either of these are coming soon I'll be resubbing!


  • laxielaxie UK - Leamington SpaPosts: 535Member Uncommon

    The next Game Update (GU61) is supposed to come out in the second half of August. Some of the highlights of that update are:


    • Dungeon Finder

    • 2 reworked dungeons, 2 new ones

    • House rating

    • Alternate Advancements reworked

    • and much more...

    To see more of the changes, feel free to visit our forums:




    Mercenaries will most likely be part of the next expansion, which is scheduled for relaese in November 2011

    the expansion will also bring:


    • New Class (Beastmaster)

    • Dungeon Creator

    • Freeport Reworked

    • and way more stuff


    The things are just examples of what's supposed to be in both the GU and the expansion, I am sure there will way more content than what I just said :)





    The Night Watch - Grouping, Content, Family

  • evianwaterevianwater New Braunfels, TXPosts: 308Member Uncommon

    Thank you so much for such a well organized thoughtful and informative response. It answered all my questions to within a month of accuracy!

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